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 Post subject: Odin Sphere
PostPosted: July 12th, 2007, 9:22 am 
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Wondering if anybody played this game? Well I'm in the process of playing it... on easy so I can finish it as fast as possible due to the limited of time back home before I go back overseas for studies in PAL land, which is not compatible with my NTSC J PS2 even if I do bring it over(plus I got nagging parents and limited luggage space)....

Its a 2D action game with RPG elements. Rather interesting way of levelling up. You level up your HP and Weapon separately. You do your weapon by absorbing the dispersed life energy of your fallen enemies and you level your HP up by.... eating. Stuff. Although not all stuff.

The story isn't like the second coming of Jesus or anything, but well the game is simply beautiful. You play through 5 stories in books, using a different main character for each. And I assume theres some finale bit after you finish those stories with your characters to wrap it all up. The 5 stories happen alongside each other, and certain events take place at the same time so the 5 characters have stories that entwine. I think the story is pretty well done at any rate. As you progress, you can check a timeline on when each event takes place in relation to each other. Theres one line for each character. And then theres a extra bit beyond the said timelines thats still unexplored even though I finished the stories of 4 characters already. So I assume theres a finale bit to play with each character after you're done with the individual books.

The graphics are godawesome. There has never been such well done 2D. Its just so beautiful, its like watching a perfectly done oil painting come to life. Vanillaware seriously knows what the hell they are doing for graphical presentation. Actually setting gameplay and story aside, I think the damn thing looks beautiful enough to play through even if the gameplay and story were utter crap. And well gameplay and story are great actually. Each character plays differently, although you end up fighting the same bosses with each character which may feel a bit redundant, using a different character does keep it from being exactly the same old fight. Although they do end up being rather similar actually.....

Soundtrack is good stuff. Although I wish there was adjustable volume for the BGM sometimes. The victory tune is just so goddamn loud.

Even if you don't like the genre, just check it out for the utter beauty it is. Every game just looks ugly now compared to it. And theres a new release by Vanillaware, Grim Grimoire. Although published by NISA instead of Atlus. I'll be expecting the same beautiful animated oil painting type graphics in it. Its a weird RTS type game apparently, which interests me.....

I probably won't have enough time to play Grim Grimoire before I head back overseas, but I'll probably just get it and put it in storage for my next long break.

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