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 Post subject: Yuribou Hentai Dictionary v.3.0
PostPosted: August 14th, 2012, 5:51 am 
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Since Yuribou has gone AWOL (the last post on his blog was on 6 April 2011) and his blog's supplementary material—including the Hentai Dictionary—was deleted when the blog was changed to a different domain in July 2011, I've decided to issue my own version—Version 3.0—of the Yuribou Hentai Dictionary. Unfortunately, I do not have access to the final draft of Version 2.1 (not even via the Internet Archive Wayback Machine), so I have fallen back on my alpha draft of it (as such, this—and any subsequent versions by me—are a "fork" of Version 2). If anyone has the completed v2.1 I'd be grateful if you would send it to me. (If you want to skip the details, search for "tl;dr".)

Thanks to kijakusai (for help with Japanese vocabulary and patience with me); loplop (for encouragement and advice on hosting); the trusted, expert source on yuri (whom I will not name because I didn't disclose to what my question pertained); and especially to our own Aaron Murphy of Animetric for hosting this version of the YHD.

I have made the following changes:

  • Exhaustively copyedited the text, correcting some factual errors, as well as those of grammar, spelling, and punctuation (including the "typing" for "tying" error—thanks Jatz!). (I should probably do another pass or two, but I've read it too many times to be able to concentrate any more.)
  • Cleaned up (mostly by simplifying) and standardized the HTML tags (especially changing the " tags to actual quotation marks).
  • Changed the width from 800 to 1024 pixels.
  • Changed the character encoding from Shift JIS to UTF-8.
  • Added comprehensive cross references via hyperlinks.
  • Added details and links to existing entries.
  • Added kanji/kana where they were missing and wherever possible.
  • Changed to revised Hepburn romanization (including macrons) and American English.
  • Split some entries, in part to make looking up terms easier.
  • Re-alphabetized using mostly the English, not the wasei eigo, spellings (e.g., "virtual date" instead of "bācharu dēto").
  • Removed the image links to simplify and make the page a little bit more work-safe (the images are gone, anyway).
  • Added a version history section.
  • Added more sources, now in their own section, including the link to the previously missing Mizu Shobai Dictionary.
  • Attempted to duplicate the previous additions, despite lacking Yuribou's literary flare. Only one did not make the cut; my entries' names are in square brackets []:
    • ahegao
    • biyaku (aphrodisiac)
    • choukyou (training/breaking)
    • doujinshi
    • eroge
    • garuzu baa and hosuto kurabu [separate entries: girls bar and host club]
    • irumachio
    • kegamin (under broken doll) [separate entry: kegadoru]
    • meido kissa [maid cafe]
    • mekosuji (camel toe)
    • netorare (under hitozuma) [separate entry]
    • nyuukan (cleavage)
    • obaani (under zettai ryouiki) [ōbānī]
    • [strike]oji/hime (under yuri)[/strike] ["ouji/hime"?; not yuri terms, per trusted, expert source]
    • rabu hoteru [love hotel]
    • “rotor” (under baibu) [separate entry]
    • saiminjutsu (hypnosis)
    • shikyuu (womb)
    • shimapan/roraisepan (under pantsu) [separate entries: low-rise, pantsu, and shimapan]
    • spats
    • tsuru/moja (shaved/hairy crotch) and paipan [under paipan]
    • various sex industry businesses–lingerie pub (“ran pub”), oppai pub/osawari club (groping club) (under kyabakura) [separate entries: kyaba kura, lingerie pub, and osawari pub]
    • wakige / wakiga (underarm hair/smell) [wakige fechi]
    • zettai ryouiki

Also, I am looking for the Japanese terms (if they exist) for "suitcase girl" and "super touch".

Lastly, I created my own entries. I'm afraid I may have gone overboard with the new fūzoku (sex industry) entries (and certainly with new entries in general -_-;) but I hope you'll find it entertaining (and possibly informative) just the same. I added one hundred and four new entries, in addition to changing the titles of seven (for a new total of 268):

  • 18-kin (over 18)
  • 3P / 4P (threesome/foursome)
  • ahegao (O-face)
  • baishunfu (prostitute; changed from "jorō")
  • BBW/SSBBW (fat woman)
  • binyū (small breasts; split from hinnyū)
  • biyaku (aphrodisiac)
  • bodycon (clubwear)
  • bokashi (fogging)
  • bunny girl (Playboy Bunny–type costume)
  • chinpo (penis; changed from "chinchin")
  • chippai (small breasts)
  • chōkyō (breaking/training)
  • delivery health (callgirl service)
  • dōjinshi (fan publication)
  • ero
  • ero gekiga (genre of manga)
  • eroge (erotic game)
  • fashion health (brothel)
  • fujoshi (female yaoi fan)
  • futsū (ordinary breasts)
  • gay
  • girls bar (bar with female bartenders)
  • gōkon (group blind date)
  • hair nude (image of uncensored pubic hair)
  • hananoshita fechi (philtrum feish)
  • harikata / harigata (dildo)
  • health (fellatio/prostitution)
  • host club
  • hostess club
  • hotel heath (order-and-take-out sex club)
  • inkaku (clitoris)
  • inmō (pubic hair)
  • irumachio (fellatio)
  • kannō shōsetsu (erotic novel)
  • Kanzei Hō Dai 69 Jō no 11 / Kanzei Hō Dai Rokujū Kyū Jō no Jūichi (Article 69)
  • karaoke box
  • kegadoru (broken doll)
  • Kei Hō Dai 175 Jō / Kei Hō Dai Hyaku Shichi Jūgo Jō (Article 175)
  • ken'etsu (censorship)
  • kemonomimi (animal ears; split from "nekomimi")
  • ketsu no ana (asshole)
  • kikkō shibari (diamond patterned rope harness)
  • kimochi ii ("feels good")
  • kintama (ball, testicle)
  • kōshū benjo (public restroom)
  • kyaba kura (cabaret club)
  • ladies' comics / LadyComi
  • lingerie pub (nightclub)
  • lotion (sexual lubricant)
  • lotion play (sexual lubricant play)
  • love hotel
  • low-rise (panties and swimsuits)
  • M (masochist; bottom)
  • maebari (groin covering)
  • maid cafe (includes butler cafe)
  • mansion health (apartment building sex club)
  • manzuri (female masturbation; split from "onani")
  • mekosuji (camel toe)
  • mind control
  • mizu shōbai (night-time entertainment industry)
  • moe
  • mosaic (pixelization)
  • munyū (flat chested)
  • neko (bottom/femme; split from "rezubian")
  • netorari (NTR; stealing a lover)
  • niana dōji (double penetration)
  • nijikon (2D fetish)
  • niku benki (meat toilet)
  • nūdoru (nude idol)
  • nure fechi (changed from "meri fechi")
  • nyūkan (cleavage)
  • ōbānī (knee socks)
  • onahole (artificial vagina)
  • osawari pub (breast groping pub)
  • oyako donburi (sex with mother and daughter)
  • paipan (shaved pubic area)
  • pantsu (panties)
  • petanko, etc. (flat chested)
  • pechapai (flat chested)
  • penisu bando (changed from "peni-bando")
  • pink (sexual)
  • roshutsushō (exhibitionism)
  • rotor (bullet vibrator)
  • S (sadist; top)
  • saiminjutsu / saimin (hypnosis)
  • seifuku fechi (uniform fetish)
  • seigu (sex toy)
  • seijin (adult manga)
  • seinen (adult manga)
  • sesshishō (voyeurism)
  • sex friend (fuck buddy)
  • shashinshū (photobook)
  • shikyū (womb; uterus)
  • shimapan (striped panties)
  • shintai ni rakugaki (graffiti on the body; changed from "oshōji")
  • shiri (bottom/ass; changed from "oshiri")
  • shōben (urine; changed from "seisui")
  • spats (spandex tights)
  • suitcase girl
  • suminuri (censor bar)
  • super touch (ultimate seduction)
  • tachi (top/butch)
  • tanima / taniai (cleavage)
  • tsurupeta (flat and smooth girl)
  • waisetsu (obscenity)
  • wakige fechi (underarm hair fetish)
  • zāmen (semen)
  • zentai (full-body tights)
  • zettai kūiki (absolute airspace)
  • zettai ryōiki (Absolute Territory)

tl;dr: Yuribou Hentai Dictionary v.3

What else did I miss, and what needs correction? In particular, what terms peculiar to yaoi, yuri, dōjinshi and manga should be added, what obscure yet vital otaku fetishes have yet to be included (Japanese manga/anime fetishes or Japanese-only real life fetishes, please), and what HTML or usability did I bork? (All corrections will be included in the periodic x.x.n versions I intend to issue.)

Yuribou Hentai Dictionary v3.0 (last updated 14 August 2012). Hentai genre & fetish DB (last updated 11 January 2012) and more this way.

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