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 Post subject: The Legend of the Legendary Heroes
PostPosted: December 25th, 2011, 1:29 pm 
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Silly name, epic fantasy. Generic character designs, or 'retro' depending on how you look at it. But don't let that fool you.

Basically the main character is Ryner Lute, possibly the biggest bum ever - wanting nothing to do but to sleep all day. However he is born with a unique ability, the Alpha Stigma that allows him to analyze and use any sort of magic upon witnessing it. This sends leads him to be hunted down. However, there are those who wish to take advantage of his abilities and he finds himself stuck in a military academy. There he meets the bastard child of the royal family, Sion Astal who is rather intrigued by his character and abilities. After a series of events, Ryner finds himself in a jail cell where he passes his time researching and writing a report about creating a world where everybody can take naps in peace only to have it interrupted by what he thought was his execution. Instead it a summon from Sion Astal who has managed to make himself king of the country.
Thus begins his adventure - he gets sent to act upon his report which revolves around searching for legendary artifacts of heroes long past to create such a world. He gets paired up with the deadpan abusive swordswoman - Ferris. All meanwhile Sion Astal struggles with stabilizing the nation under his control and chasing the impossible ideal of world peace.

The series essentially starts off with Ryner and Ferris searching for one such artifact, setting it off(a giant golem with laser eyebeams) and simply running away and leaving it to wreak havoc where they found it. It soon flashes back to Ryner's time at the military academy and how he met Sion Astal and got into his current wild goose chase.

So the series for most part focuses on two fronts. The misadventures of the epic bum Ryner Lute, and the dango obsessed smacktalker Ferris Eris. They search for artifacts in the most half assed possible manner, ransacking places, leaving a mess behind and in general just slacking off and not really focusing on the job at hand. Ryner is just a lazy bum by nature, and Ferris got blackmailed into accompanying him by Sion - threatening to close down her favourite dango shop if she doesn't comply. Ferris of course treats the whole thing like some kind of world wide dango tour, forcing Ryner along with her abusive tongue and smacks to the head with the scabbard of her sword. The abuse isn't overly done and is rather amusing, Ryner even playing along at times. You have this strange camaraderie between the two and they eventually become the best of partners. Lots of smacktalking involved, ranging from Ryner getting smacked whenever he rescues someone and being accused of being a pervert by Ferris to the pair returning home and joking about assassinating Sion for his 'unjust' orders with a straight face, completely confusing a group that was tailing them along the way.

Sion meanwhile is essentially the new king of Roland, the nation where the show starts. Roland has long been plagued by corrupt nobles leading the nation into ruin, and those nobles seek to remove Sion from the throne because of his mixed blood and different ways. Therefore Sion has to juggle ideals and reality to rein Roland under his rule. Eventually this leads to maintaining relationships with other nations, whom the Roland nobles have been conspiring with. This is made further interesting by his various underlings, one in particular who basically does all the king's dirty work and often acts of his own will, having his own ideas of how best to serve the king. And you have the enigmatic brother of Ferris - Lucille, whose family have watched over the royal family for generations. Lucille essentially put Sion on the throne for his own purposes, so Sion has to tread lightly lest he be removed by Lucille. Sion's side of the story is probably the more interesting part for a while, the burden and torment he has to deal with while chasing the impossible ideal of a truly peaceful world. Having to deal with the sacrifices that come with the pursuit of such ideals, sacrifices that may contradict such ideals. It's not an airy fairy world here, where slapping off some evil dude is all it takes to accomplish things.

Ryner and Ferris' shenanigans aren't isolated from the ongoing plot, they eventually get pulled into the thick of it all. Ryner's special power the Alpha Stigma being a rather big cause of it - due to the persecution of the power, most of those who possess it eventually go berserk and destroy everything around them. Also their travels leads them to discoveries about the other nations and it all links back.

So you have this rather complex and engaging story actually, despite character designs that look a decade old and the redundant name of redundancy. When it gets serious, things are serious but it has light and funny moments that are pretty funny. And the humour isn't overdone, eventually the ridiculous banter between Ryner and Ferris just becomes natural - it's just how they talk to each other. It's like their thing so to speak. So it never comes off as inappropriately timed joking around.

The one flaw though is the lack of ending. The anime series is based off a rather long going light novel series. I'm hoping for a sequel sometime in the future.

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 Post subject: Re: The Legend of the Legendary Heroes
PostPosted: December 30th, 2011, 3:56 pm 
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That sounds very interesting, too. I just wish I had more time...


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