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 Post subject: Fate/Zero
PostPosted: October 30th, 2011, 11:24 am 
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The prequel novel to Fate/Stay Night has gotten an anime adaptation.

Just to boil it down as to what Fate/Stay Night is - basically there is a periodic event where mages would do battle for a Holy Grail. 7 are selected, non mages entering the fray if not enough are qualified and they summon a 'Servant' each - a mythical figure brought into reality with supernatural powers and abilities. Each Servant falls under a certain class, one of each class which determines their general abilities and capabilities.

Fate/Stay Night is a multi route visual novel which follows one of these Grail Wars. It was created by Type-Moon, the same people behind Tsukihime. And the writer, Nasu Kinoko has written the Kara no Kyokai novel series which has been adapted into 7 movies by ufotable.

It had an anime adaptation which I felt was rather sub-par and a movie adaptation which followed a different route of the visual novel which the anime was based off. These were adapted by Studio DEEN which I personally am not too fond of.

Fate/Zero is a prequel light novel series written by Gen Urobuchi, the guy who wrote Puella Magi Madoka Magica along with some notable visual novels such as the rather infamous Saya no Uta. The source material being linear and not being a pick-a-heroine type visual novel lends itself to a far grittier story and serious cast than that of F/SN.

Instead of focusing on a single harem lead, the story divides its attention fairly equally between the seven involved in the Grail War. One of them which is Emiya Kiritsugu, the adoptive father of the protagonist of F/SN. Who is a battle hardened veteran who finds it acceptable to bomb a plane just to take out a single target.

F/Z is adapted by ufotable, who did a decent job with the Kara no Kyokai movies. The animation quality is superb, unlike the F/SN adaptation which had pretty shoddy and inconsistent animation.

Being a prequel, you don't need to have watched/played F/SN to enjoy F/Z. If you are a fan of F/SN, you'd definitely enjoy the ride. Its the premise of F/SN with far grittier characters, business being a hell lot more serious and the 7 are out for each other's throats.

In short, battle royale between 7 mythical figures and the mages that command them. Pretty animation. Cool fights. Lots of talking in the start but deal with it.

So far I'm pretty fond of it, after a slow start with establishing the setting. The fights and animation are excellent and a sight to behold.
The series is available subbed as a free stream over here, but you need an account which is free. Nico Nico Douga is Japanese however, so you might need to look up just how to register. It is at episode 5 and I don't think they stream previous episodes - but well you guys can probably find a way.

Another attempt to foster more weekly shizzle.

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 Post subject: Re: Fate/Zero
PostPosted: October 30th, 2011, 1:57 pm 
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Thanks for the overview. I'll keep this in mind to watch once I am retired or jobless for some reason.
I severely lack time for watching Anime or anything... :sweat:


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