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 Post subject: Koi no Balance
PostPosted: April 6th, 2008, 5:50 pm 
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I've been playing "Koi no Balance", which is one of the most mysogenic games I have ever encountered. It's not Hentai or anything, it's just a very materialistic Nampa (pick-up) game.

There are four players on a city map that consists of different fields, there are empty fields, Inventory fields and present fields. There's a D4 to decide how many of those fields you must pass in your turn. When you hit an Inventory field, you find special stuff like things that confuse other players, slow them down, warp them to a different destination, or contrarily speed-ups and warps for you. The Present fields are even more important since you find presents for the girls to pick up there. Last but not least, there are so-called "Date spots".

The four players start in the middle and in the beginning there are four girls standing in different locations. Once a player meets such a girl she asks him to take her to a date spot, like the cinema, the aquarium, the swimming pool, the beach or whatever. Using the D4 you have to get to that dating spot as quickly as possible. To be granted "Chuu (Kiss) points" you need to tackle random events like biker attacks or VIP autograph sessions that can cause the girl to leave you for some other entertainment, and other players can "attack" you as well. And there's the mysogenic part.

If two players land on the same field, and one has a girl and the other has not, they battle for the woman - with presents. You can have up to four presents in your inventory, and each item, like cake, ice cream, watches, Sushi, Sake, sports equipment, jackets, sweatshirts, panties, and fancy wear, has an objective and a subjective value. Let's say I have a stylish girl with me who wants to go the a dance club. In battle, I offer her ice cream whereas the opponent offers her sports equipment. The ice cream has an objective value of +10 and the sports equipment of +100, which would make me lose. But since I'm not with an athletic tomboy, the sports equipment has no whatsoever subjective value for her, giving the opponent -100 points, whereas she does neither like nor dislike ice cream (+/- 0), so I still win and keep the girl.

The number of girls per game is limited and whoever received the most kisses wins.
The game is funny in a sense, and I don't mind too much if it makes women appear like present-crazy bitches who'll leave you once somebody "pays" more, but I can't see why I should play more than once... of course there is the motivation of getting "Mission accomplished" screenshots of all the girls, but I'm not that desperate.
Nice game, but a little low an replay value.

It's a 600 KB SNES game that I can send to anyone who would like to take a look.
I can give you some guidance since it's in Japanese.


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