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 Post subject: Furi Furi Girls
PostPosted: July 1st, 2009, 7:53 pm 
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It's like an animated board game with some graphics by U-Jin, the famous character designer. It offers pretty girls - bishôjo - but there's no Hentai in it.

You can choose a female character who is about to graduate from some fairyland college in the sky. Their assignment is to win a key from a gargoyle-like "Harlekin" monster and bring it to a certain field.
The girls begin at a start field and in each turn throw 1D6 to determine how many steps they are allowed to walk. They have professions (like magician, fighter, or knight), health points, attack strength, money, and in the course of the game they might find equipment. The fields that they can land on have different colors and the color kinda decides whether your luck is tendentially good or bad. Like, on a red field you are more likely to lose money than on a blue field. Warp fields will beam you to the next warp field in the direction that you were walking towards, and fields with a fruit-like shape on them will give you some negative effect, like losing some money or bonding you to the place until you luckily break free (50-50 chance every turn).

Once you occupy a field a kind of slot machine disk starts spinning and the symbol you get decides what you receive or lose or whatever other effect it has in stock. "Exchange position" let's you decide with whom you would like to swap your board position. "UFO" will most likely put you on a spot near the beforementioned keeper of the key. "Missile" will target and defeat a random monster on the board. Other symbols can increase your HPs, your fighting strength, or they might put an additional monster or treasure chest on the map. There are also little in-games, like "Trump", i.e. playing against a bunny girl betting on whether the card you draw will be higher than hers.
Your outlook to victory can change dramatically due to these coincidences, but there are several factors which I have not seen through completely. I looks like the main criterium for becoming the winner is money, and some factors help you with that. I'll be coming to that soon.

There are monsters on the board, some weak ones and a strong one who holds a key which you need to take to a goal field. If you land on a field already occupied by another player character, or if you cross a field that is occupied by a monster, a fight ensues - which is fought by Jan-Ken-Pon, aka. Rock-Paper-Scissors. A sum of money is put into a jackpot before every turn, lost turns will cost the loser health points according to the enemy's strength, and the first to lose all her healthpoints has to say goodbye to the jackpot which is taken by the winner. Your health points are restored after every fight, but your bank account stays the way it is until the next fight.
Fights can be facilitated by items you find, like the "Deadly Technique" that beats whatever hand the enemy throws at you.

The game I have played went like this: I wasn't doing very good in the battles, so I was losing money. After a UFO took me directly to the boss I was, like, half a million in debt. A warpfield took me further away a little while after that. Then one of my opponents played missile on the keeper of the key. The monster disappeared and the key just lay there. Later she decided to switch positions with me which landed me four squares next to the key. In my next turn I threw a 4 and grabbed the key. With some lucky warping I managed to reach the goal.
So, for having retrieved the key I received 200,000 Gil.
The next girl had defeated the most monsters and received 50,000 Gil.
#3, the wizardress who had killed the keeper of the key with the missile she had received from the slot machine, received no honorary mention, because her kill score was lower than #2's, and I was the one who had brought back the key.
But I only made 3rd place, because -500,000 Gil + 200,000 Gil is still only -300,000 Gil.
Girl #2 had about -220,000 Gil on her account, while #3 had had the constant luck of finding one treasure chest after another, which, deducting the money she lost in battles, made for her whopping 40,000 Gil wealth and made her the laughing first on the winner podium.

I think I'll play a little more, mostly to find out whether there is a way to anticipate what hand the CPU opponent will play in battle. For some reason I think you have about half a second to react to the color of his signaling disk (?).
Well, last but not least it's surely better than Koi wa Balance and I have not seen all options yet...


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