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 Post subject: Good gaming Computers?
PostPosted: August 29th, 2007, 3:01 am 

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Ok, i'm not too good with computers but i love using them, or rather i'm not too good with hardware more rather software.
My old computer is kind of obsolete and so i asked my friend to build me a good gaming computer like top notch so it could stand to games like bioshock, crysis, ut3, starcraft II and many other.

This is what he gave me: ... e=Real+rig

As i said i'm not too good with computers and so i don't if it's good. I trust in my friend judgement in building a computer but one of my newer friends who knows a lot more about computers said it's not too good but never really told me why and i couldn't understand what he said, so can anyone help me and tell me if this computer is good and if it's worth the price?

Also, i would also like criticism in which you tell me what to change or how to make it better.

~thanks to anyone who helps me~

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PostPosted: August 29th, 2007, 7:54 am 
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Well, if you are looking at playing games with it, I don't see too many problems. You would probably want to go with 4 gigs of ram as opposed to 2 gigs and maybe a quad core rather than a dual core. They aren't that much more than dual processors at this point.

A possible "problem" is only a problem if you are worried about space. I have 1.1 terabytes of space, so 320 gigs of hard drive space seems a little on the light side to me, but if you don't store a lot of stuff it should be fine.

Now, the worst part, the sound system. I don't know if you don't want quality sound or not, but those speakers are going to be rather crappy and the sound card is nothing to speak of.

Really, a lot of this depends on your budget, and I would also say that the current computer you have is somewhat overpriced for what you are getting. You are also paying top dollar for that graphics card, and while it will be spectacular, is probably not worth the extra money compared to just buying a slightly lower GeForce model that will cost a fair amount less.

I would definitly tweak it from what it is now, but only with more info could I give you something more concrete.

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PostPosted: August 29th, 2007, 12:14 pm 
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Decent enough. But some better options at those price ranges:

Chassis: not bad, but something like the Thermaltake Armor Silver would give you more room.

Motherboard: either the Gigabyte GA-P35-DQ6 or Asus P5K Deluxe

CPU: good choice, but if you're not just going to us the PC for gaming, I would probably suggest a Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600. Gaming performance should be pretty similar in most games at similar clock speeds (overclocking is also pretty easy with Core 2 series) but the quad core will give you better performance overall in other applications not to mention allow you to multitask more than a dual core would.

Video Card: pretty good choice. the 8800GTX is the best card available (save for the Ultra, but that one isn't worth the extra $$) and eVGA has the best customer service in the business.

Memory: Get the CAS4 units, will be better than the CAS5 units, for only $9 more.

Keyboard & Mouse: Consider the Logitech G15, it's cheaper, has illuminated keys and a useful LCD. The G7 is a good choice for a mouse. I've had one for a while now and it's still excellent.

Monitor: Don't get a TN panel. Yes they have fast response but PVMA or S-IPS panels don't really have problems with ghosting anymore but will yield much better colors and viewing angles. Also consider a 20" or 22" rather than a 19". Otherwise, getting such a good video card but being forced to run at 1440x900 would be a waste. The Acer AL 2051W 20.1" is a great deal, has excellent color reproduction and fast response. The NEC MultiSync 20WMGX2 is the best choice, but probably too expensive. Here's an excellent thread that deals with LCD monitors: link

Speakers: for gaming, the Logitech 2300 200W 2.1 speakers are a good choice for a quality 2.1 speaker solution. If you don't want to go surround sound, those speakers are probably the best ones available.

PSU: The PC Power & Cooling unit is great but can get very loud under load with its 80mm fan. I would suggest something along the lines of a Seasonic M-12 700W modular unit with a quieter 120mm fan as well as modular capability wwhich allows for a cleane r system with less wire clutter

Anyway, those are the suggestions I would make. Feel free to ask questions . . . ;)


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