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 Post subject: Deus Ex- Human Revolution
PostPosted: August 29th, 2011, 1:37 pm 
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The true successor to Deus Ex.

Came out recently, bought it in a jiffy, played it non stop without sleeping much in between and finished it.

You play as Adam Jensen, head of security at Sarif Industries. The leading corporation in the controversial human augmentation. Just when your girlfriend, the lead researcher is to announce something big to the public - the facility is attacked, leaving you critically injured and all the researchers dead. Your boss however, has plans for you. You are saved from your injuries and heavily augmented. Brought back from the dead, you aim to find out who is behind the attack and the truth behind everything.

Deus Ex Human Revolution is a prequel to Deus Ex therefore you don't need to play the other games to understand. But having played the first Deus Ex will let you enjoy all those hints and things laced throughout. Like mentions of certain characters and corporations.

The gameplay mechanics have taken the best of the first Deus Ex and improved upon the shortcomings. Instead of a leveling system, you are equipped with your augmentations. The story behind the augmentations - as they have recently been implanted, is to allow your mind to slowly get used to them. Hence you unlock the potential of your augmentations through experience points. As far as tying plot into gameplay mechanics go, this is a pretty decent attempt at it. You can also find and purchase so called Praxis Kits, which forcibly unlock your abilities. Experience is gained by killing enemies, finding special locations, accomplishing objectives, hacking and etc. Killing people in special ways, like takedowns or headshots net you extra points.

The levels are very reminiscent of Deus Ex in just how many ways you could tackle the problem. Hack this, sneak there, hide here, go there and even more due to the augmentations. You have the Icarus Landing ability which allows you to land from great heights, even stunning the people below. This can let you take certain shortcuts like dropping off buildings, or down elevator shafts. Increased strength and jump can allow you to move dumpsters and other heavy objects to allow you to bypass high fences. Then you can have the wall punching ability, letting you smash through weak sections in walls - and if there is someone behind, break his neck.

Combat wise, it is somewhat stealth orientated. Your character dies fast. Health does not regenerate like in contemporary shooters - rather than a few moments to regenerate all your health it gradually trickles back. Therefore getting hurt is a pretty big deal, and while you hide and take cover the enemy is throwing grenades or flanking you. Healing items, which can be used before battle to 'over heal' you do help you prepare for sticky situations. As does the passive armour augmentations. But the game's sneaking and cover system which allows you to vault from cover to cover, and abilities to cloak and see through walls being present - the game is definitely more geared to handling combat situations with finesse than with brute force. You even get bonuses for accomplishing missions without being seen. Bonus points for taking down enemies non-lethally, but if they are discovered by enemies - an alarm is raised and they get waken up, putting them back in your hair.

As far as weapons go, you got the usual slew of pistols, machineguns, sniper rifles etc. Then you get mine templates which you can combine with grenades to make mines. And mines come in four flavours, Frags, EMP, Concussion and Gas. And weapons have all sorts of mods for them. The usual damage, ammo capacity. Then you get laser sights and silencers. And then each weapon has their own unique mod. The 10mm Pistol has an armour piercing mod, the combat rifle gets homing bullets, then the revolver gets exploding bullets! The revolver's exploding bullets was silly, but fun. There are also non lethal weapons, like a tranquilizer rifle, electric dart gun and an energy weapon called the PEPS, that stuns people with a concussive energy blast. Sure you can murder everybody, but there can be repercussions. Like a mission to sneak into a police office to steal something - the results won't be too happy if you go in and murder everybody.

Of course, you yourself are a weapon. All your augs run on energy, and so do your takedowns. Takedowns can be performed by just walking up to people and pressing a button where you will enter this flashy third person animated sequence. They look cool and you feel cool doing them. You can upgrade it so that you can whack up two people this way. They can be lethal or non lethal, lethal being louder. Then you have the Typhoon system which must be unlocked and uses ammunition. This allows you to disperse airburst explosives in a radius around you - nuking everybody into oblivion.

There are also these social battles. Along with the usual talking to people, you will find yourself engaged in a conversational battle with people. Like with a man holding someone hostage, or with your boss to get information out of him. Failing them doesn't mean the game ends, just a less desirable outcome happens. And the novelty wears off on a second playthrough, but you have to watch your target, catch his body language and hear him right then pick the right response based on that. These segments were a welcome change from the usual clandestine wetwork, snooping and shooting.

Environments are large, with tonnes of secrets to find. Backalley shortcuts, shopkeepers. In the more hostile environments, you can find passcodes to certain computers, secret equipment stashes. Alternate passages to avoid enemies. All sorts of things. Listening in on enemies can divulge certain secrets too, like a pair of gangers talking about how they acquired a rocket launcher and that someone could sneak in on them through the air vents. With the correct hacking augs, you can even turn turrets and robots against your enemies - assuming you get to the security computers controlling them.

While the game does make a note of 'hidden sidequests', they aren't exactly hidden(most get planted in your face almost) and are pretty few in number. But these sidequests are pretty in depth. Its not a usual go murder someone, or fetch something. There are often multiple layers and objectives in them, which piece up into something bigger. And you can accomplish them in different ways. Like you are meant to help an old cop friend of yours pin down a criminal by going undercover and pretending to work for him. So you get this murder weapon, a crossbow which you can choose to give up for evidence - or you can keep it for yourself.

So yeah, Human Revolution improved everything on what Deus Ex was. Improved gameplay, conversations and all that. The only area where it probably didn't beat Deus Ex in was the variety of locations. The First Deus Ex definitely took you to more places. But Human Revolution gives you bigger areas conversely, with more to do in them.

I think any fan of Deus Ex would be pleased with Human Revolution. It has taken all the good of back then and updated it all for today. The aug leveling system is streamlined in a good way, better than the old clunky skill point system. They kept things like the inventory system, added a radar and map and included regenerating health while keeping the game tactical. Also the AI is now up to standards.

The contents of a deranged mind.

 Post subject: Re: Deus Ex- Human Revolution
PostPosted: September 4th, 2011, 11:53 am 
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Not my kinda game but I really like elaborated overviews. Thanks for your efforts!


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