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 Post subject: Enjokôsai Bokumetsu Undô
PostPosted: July 10th, 2008, 9:20 pm 
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translated, like: "Movement for the Extermination of Juvenile Prostitution"

A friend gave me the DVD and basically said:
"There are two groups of people who want to stop Enjokôsai, one by beating up the customers and the other by ripping off the girls, accepting their services but afterwards running away without paying."

I was expecting some sort of humoristic approach...
Well, he made quite an understatement, so I was kinda shocked in the end.

First of all, there really are two groups of people who say they wanted to fight juvenile prostitution.
On consists of the highschool girl Aya and her boyfriend, the other of the owner of a call shop (where customers would small pay a fee to get contact with the girls) and his assistant. But their vow to end Enjokôsai is just lip service, their motives are quite different.

In the beginning, Aya makes contact with a salaryman and walks to a hotel with him - where they are awaited by her boyfriend who threatens the customer. The employee runs, followed by the two, and flees into a deserted building. But he is found, however, hiding in a box. The boyfriend nails his hands to the arms of a chair and beats his face to a pulp. Then they take his wallet, and it is very obvious that the couple feels sexually aroused because of that experience. They simply enjoy excerting power.

Aya has a number of female friends and a younger sister, Mebae, whom she frequently meets in a café of sorts, where they exchange stories. Mebae says she wanted to do Enjokôsai, too, but Aya objects, saying Mebae was far too nice a girl to do something like that. Her friends are all in the business (charging 20,000 Yen = about 200 USD per "date"), as it seems, but it is Aya alone who engages in "Oji-san-gari" (like, "ripping off sugar daddies"), which Mebae obviously does not know.

Despite her sister's opinion Mebae still wants to try earning some money with her body - enter the other group. The shop assistant is a normal young man, in his mid-twenties, maximum, but the call center's boss is strange, using make-up despite not quite being a sort of Bishônen. He uses to monitor the phone calls, and if he likes the girl's offers, he distracts the customers and takes the role himself, or leaves it to his assistant who actually believes this was about the extermination of Enjokôsai and therefore for the good of the girls. In one case the assistant gets a girl who's one of Aya's friends.
When the boss overhears Mebae saying she was a virgin he's immediately interested.

He meets and goes to a love hotel with her. Entering the room, Mebae decides she doesn't want this after all, but her client wouldn't let her go. He ties her up, penetrates her hymen with his fingers and licks off the blood, then goes on applying dildos and finally raping her while talking to his assistant on the phone, thus transmitting her cries and screams, which he makes fun of. When he's done he leaves her tied up in a kneeling position for the cleaning personnel to find her and, with red paint, writes "Buta" ("pig") on her back.
Mebae is deeply shocked, she collapses and is brought to a hospital.

Aya is furious. When her friend tells her she was ripped off a few days ago and delivers a description of the culprit Aya immediately assumes that it was the call center assistant. She arranges to meet him by using the same call center that Mebae and her friend used, and lures the assistant into a trap, where her boyfriend and the other girls almost kill him hitting him hard. They shoot a picture and show it to Mebae who confirms that it was not the assistant, who does not have a tattoo like his boss. A new hunt is on.

Eventually, the call center's boss is also lured into a hotel room and confronted with Aya and her boyfriend. But he is prepared and draws a gun. The boyfriend is then tied up in a corner and Aya on the bed, where he rapes her as well, forcing her to make "buhii-buhii" noises (Pig-Japanese, so to speak, the only -grotesquely- funny thing about the movie). During the process, she is able to free a hand and grab his gun, first shooting his private parts and then his head - upon which she has sex with her boyfriend, partly re-enacting the rapists parts, as she is free to move but her boyfriend is still tied up...

Despite what you might think, there is nothing explicit to see in the movie, mosaic is not needed. But it's still a brutal movie that left a shallow taste in my mouth, I gave it back and intend to forget most of it, hopefully. Adding production shorts where you can see all of the actors casually interacting and having a good time during the work doesn't really change the mood after the conclusion.
It's also definitely not a movie which you could watch with your girlfriend, no matter how used to brutal action movies she might be, this movie is not a brutal action movie. It is a dark movie with an insane antagonist which strikes at the audience's mind, the cruellest parts are psychological in nature, so women might feel sick watching it - additionally women have a different opinion on vaginal blood I suppose.

Enjokôsai was a big topic during the mid-nineties, when newspaper editors said it was getting out of control, leading to stricter laws for child-protection and against child porn (live-action and two-dimensional media) in 1997. But the problem lurks on. So far, there are no unchallenged statistics about how many girls sell their bodies in order to raise their monthly budget. It was for example mentioned in the Manga "GALS!" by Fujii Mihona, where the lead girl meets a guy whose bag she likes, and he says "If you don't have money to pay for the bag you might as well pay with your body... I'm sure you're doing that all the time, don't you?" I think the Manga was published around 2004.

The latest really big headlines about Enjokôsai were in the news in 2005. Apparantly, an 11yo girl from a poor and indebted family had, according to the police, been sold/lend by her father to the "producers" of a rather infamous series called "Kansai Enkô" (short for "Enjosai") and committed suicide after realizing that, thanks to internet sales promotion, she had become the nation-wide known, virtually iconic face of Japanese child porn. The article in the Mainichi Shinbun (Osaka) says the culprits were sentenced to three (!!!) years in prison.
Research on this was pretty easy, and although the newspapers of course do not give pictures or names I came to the conclusion that it was this girl, according to porn catalogues her name was Chiharu.


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