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 Post subject: Harvest Night
PostPosted: May 19th, 2008, 5:56 pm 
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Original title: "Shûkaku no Yoru".

I have no idea whether the author of the ANN plot summary knows something that I don't (like a game or a Manga that the OVA might be based upon) or whether he smoked some low quality dope - the summary he provides has little in common with what I have just watched.

So there is this dark and ugly city with this prominent bridge, or at least the dark and ugly parts that are ruled by gangs. Masato is the leader of one of these gangs of thieves, pimps, prostitutes, rapists and nymphos. Masato is the strongest fighter around, but he's not a despicable scum bag like all the others. He strives to protect his sister Honoka from the harsh environment, with little success - she seems to suffer from TBC as well as schizophrenia, as she cannot put her actions in relation to any emotion.
Then appears Ryoko, a childhood friend of Masato's, with a crush on him, and asks to take him and Honoka across the bridge, whereas the audience is left completely in the dark about the nature of this bridge or the circumstances on the other side. When Masato finally agrees to leave this place, his comrades are disappointed and feel abandoned and betrayed = catastrophe imbound.

The story is pretty distorted, full of characters that you wish to hell, and kind of irratic. There are things happening which can probably only be explained by Hentai genre logic, and other things that cannot be explained at all, guessed at best.
Half of the sex is so completely unnecessary to the story, and the other half consists of rape scenes that underline the depravity of the lead characters, although there are different grades. To say something positive: I like the fact that there's no group of people who are "the good bad guys", like Yakuza members in so many series (e.g. "Gokusen" or "Sailorsuit and Machingun"). They are all hell-bent, no matter what gender. It's melancholy, frustration, violence and hopelessness all the way, as, in the end,
all characters get killed or kill each other and the sole survivor has gone insane!

This is another hour of my life down the drain, wasted. "Harvest Night" gives itself an aura of mystery, like hinting at the notion that it is all allegorical in a way, but it's pretty weak. Like said bridge.
Nobody makes it across alive or sane, and yet people try, suggesting the other side was a better place.
That would be a good foundation for an interesting story, but two episodes are not enough time to tell it, especially when they are unnecessarily packed with sexually explicit contents for self-purpose.

I forgot to add - graphics and animation are pretty good and voice acting is, well, okay. It doesn't stand out, but it's not bad either. The background music is rather mediocre, I hardly noticed its existence.


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