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 Post subject: Nikutai Ten'i
PostPosted: April 5th, 2008, 1:56 pm 
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Also known as "Body Transfer".

I am not quite sure whether I can write much about this two-episodes OVA since it looks like it was a middle-part out of a somewhat bigger picture. Instead of properly introducing the story and the characters, you're tossed right into it.

The archeology club of some highschool received a mirror, an artifact with rumoured legendary powers. With most of the club members and their advisor being present, the mirror emits a bright light. Next thing you know is that Kenichi, let's call him the protagonist, wakes up next to the swimming pool, beneath a strange looking sky and finds himself in the body of a female friend.

All of the people involved or most of them have changed bodies, and while Kenichi fingers the body he just inherited the audience learns that orgasms can cause another "jump". The story then disappears and we get a lot of masturbation, physically lesbian sex and exploring each others bodies more or less secretly.

The only story-like element that remains is Sakaj├┤ longing for sexual intercourse with Kenichi - in their respective own bodies - and being jealous of Miho, Kenichi's love interest. All the while, Sakaj├┤ does naughty things to make Miho look bad, like fumbling Miho's sister while residing in Miho's body and exposing Miho's sexual desire for Kenichi.

The story ends with Miho jumping off the school's roof out of embarrassment and Kenichi following her. That kinda breaks the curse and everything returns to normal. But instead of giving us a smooth epilogue, let's say about how the others deal with these new experiences, we get another round of sex featuring the roof jumpers, as if Kenichi hadn't just come four times or so during the last hour.

If you don't mind sexfests (and one close-up depiction of peeing) without a halfway decent story, go for it. The show has good animation and character design, detailed private parts and nice voice acting. That is to say the voice cast has very good moments and rather sloppy moments, the inbetween is rare, imho. The good moments consist of male minds being in female bodies and accordingly speaking in an altered female voice. Such moments are captured pretty well, but that's about everything valuable the OVA has to offer. That kind of gender stuff could have made it really interesting.


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