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 Post subject: Panty Flash Teacher
PostPosted: April 1st, 2008, 9:35 am 
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In this case, I'm giving the English title, because the Japanese title is derived from English anyway:
"Panchira Tiichaa", i.e. "Panty Line Teacher".

On the way to her first day as a highschool teacher, Machiko stumbles across two students (m/f) in the streetcar, sitting on the floor (a phenomenon called "Jibetarian" by the way), loitering and littering and talking about dirty stuff. The other passengers are completely ignorant - see no evil, hear no evil - so she steps up and scolds them. Instead of being impressed the two start sexually harassing her - while the masses remain ignorant.

It turns out these two are in her class, and she has stirred up a real hornets nest of blackmail and rape. The clichée idealism that she harbors as a young teacher soon involves her into the mess. Real deep.

Now, imagine Yamaguchi Kumiko and a class of blackmailed victims, ignorants and hardcore psycho terrorists - without Yangumi's wit and capabilities of saving the day. Rowena had a nice term for girls like Machiko: Hentai Bimbo. Right from the very first encounter it is clear that the molesters make racy remarks based on the fact that her panties are easily visible under the broad belt that she calls a mini skirt. But does she have the brains to wear a longer skirt or trousers? No, she doesn't. She hasn't seen "Gokusen" I suppose.

And "GTO" neither. Forged intimate pictures of her appear. Half blackmailed, have seduced, she has sex with Utsui, one of her students and the mayor's son. Already in the fangs of evil, she does not just not refuse (since this could most likely be a setup for further blackmail), but no!, she also gives him her panties as a present and signs them with her autograph!
(Oh, please, somebody put her out of her misery...)
Of course it was a setup, and besides the forged pictures there's now a real porn movie featuring her.
Utsui proposes she signed a "Slave Contract" to become his toy. In return he promises she could keep her job and he would release the two current slaves from their contracts.
That girl is so lost...

Conservatism plays a role as well. Right in the beginning she is on the verge of being late, and her mother reminds her of her father's position (in the city council), implying that Machiko being late would make her father look bad. WTF?
Aha, her father is running for the position of mayor against Utsui and upon a meeting with his four major supporters she's a good daughter and serves drinks. Wearing overknees and a very short skirt, like she was still in highschool. She keeps quiet about one of the jerks touching her butt - since it might cause her father lose a supporter. And, hell!, she does some campaigning for her father, calling for votes from the top of a car, being dressed like a race queen, you know, tight top and miniskirt - standing on the top of a car. Does she like flashing her panties? "My mom always said, stupid is who stupid does", but in this case, no hurricane will come and destroy the competition, making her the shrimp queen.

I couldn't help but think that with such circumstances there cannot be salvation for her - raised by conservative parents she is destined to serve and support, instead of standing on her own two feet. Intended or not, there's some social criticism involved. At least it's interpretable.

"Panty Flash Teacher" has two episodes of 30 minutes each and was made by Discovery, the masters of darkness, so to speak. The base mood is so soaked with evil that the sex loses some of its fun. But apart from some low points in the beginning, animation and graphic style are very good and very detailed. Voice acting is on a good average.


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