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 Post subject: Sexfriend
PostPosted: April 1st, 2008, 12:45 pm 
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Ah, I've wanted to see that title for a while now.

Hayase seems fed up with normal relationships for some reason and opts for making Takabe her sexfriend, a physical joint venture, so to speak (which is called "Sefure" in modern Japanese).
Being taken to the all-knowing school nurse's office, Takabe has his first sex and is virtually offered indefinite "input" by Hayase, a really cute looking girl with red hair, green eyes and a somewhat tomboyish nature.
With growing confidence about his impression on the other gender, Takabe becomes bolder, taking initiative by himself, all the time aided and supplied by the nurse (who introduces him to the joys of rectal probing). While he gives in to other temptations he is still worried about what Hayase might think of him having fun with other girls.

"Sexfriend" is a really nice title, I like Hayase's personality, beyond her being some sort of nympho. It's actually a pity that all the sexual encounters don't leave more space for character development, which I would have liked to see, it's like the sex was just an add-on (even if it's a very prominent one). One episode more would have been fine, allowing more space for the characters' depiction between sexual activities.

Categorizing the show I'd say it's a slice-of-life story gone porn. There's nothing serious going on on the one hand (it's like a holiday from all the recent Discovery titles), and nothing really funny occurs either, on the other hand (compare "Imôto de ikou"). I was indeed kinda worried that Takabe might be taking off to a pushy molester's level, but he shifts back in the second episode, which saved his face in front of me.

The character design is well done, graphics are generally good with little low points here and there, and the animation could use a little boost now and then. "98 % okay" I'd say in that field. It becomes obvious that the different scenes are made by different teams of animators, like I guess it is usual in the business. And like in many other H titles there's a recurring inconsistency: Hayase's socks disappear and reappear with changing camera angles. I rechecked other titles and found the same mistake... it's funny that it's always the socks being there in the beginning, then disappearing and then reappearing. I haven't seen this with any other piece of clothing.
I wonder whether there is no quality control? Doesn't anyone watch these titles to check for errors?

Voice actors were well chosen, with a certain "Dynamite Ami" in the lead role as Hayase, who also performs the ending song, called "Sex Friend Beat Punk".
Most of the background music couldn't be more fitting for an elevator, it's easy not to notice it, but the ending song is really appealing. How's that? For one, I like the melody and Ami's voice. But furthermore the lyrics put an amused smile on my face. If I may give a rough translation:

I wanna have sex during class
Suddenly it starts pulsing
Girls wanna do it when they wanny do it, too
I have confidence in my fellatio
I get excited when I lick it
I want you to put your love onto my face
Love is more than just words
It has to feel good
because it's a wonderful thing
Right now, in my special place,
I want you to put your hot thing right into me now
Don't make such a face
Let's make this moment count
and do something that feels good

Usually I despise erotic songs because in English or German they just sound gross and vulgar, with a few lyrics by Lords of Acid being the excemption I admit, but being sung in Japanese it sounds very interesting and entertaining. "Cute" you might say.


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