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 Post subject: Immoral Sisters
PostPosted: March 26th, 2008, 6:04 pm 
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I have just returned from watching this title and, well, I guess I have already seen more intelligent titles.

Yukie is a housewife and stepmother of Rumi (16yo) and Tomoko (18yo). One fine day, she causes a traffic accident, suddenly being 20,000,000 Yen in debt, today being about 200,000 USD. The other people involved are Yumi and Taketo. Yumi is Taketo's father's private secretary, and the father in question is a powerful business tycoon.
Taketo tries to talk Yukie into paying the debt with her body, which she refuses, but to make sure he also drugged her tea. She falls asleep, Taketo takes some dirty pictures of her and thus blackmails her into submission.

His father, being the chairman of their highschool, has targeted Rumi and Tomoko. Yumi shows the IOU letter to Rumi, who agrees to be abused by the chairman in order to relieve her mother.
Coming home, Rumi finds her mother in sexual conduct with Taketo and has sex with him as well to get him away from Yukie. At the same time, a hidden camera is taping the scene in the living room, which is monitored by Taketo's father from Tomoko's room. Yumi brings Tomoko home from school and talks her into relieving her mother and sister by giving her virginity to the chairman.

When the men are gone the two sisters engage in licking each other, be it for consolation or the fun of it, I'm not sure, but it's nuts anyway, because if you've just been raped you'd probably want anything but not another round of sex. But well, while they're at it, Yukie comes in, apologizing for not being able to protect them, and then comes Yumi who joins the family consolation in a lesbian foursome.

Aha! It is revealed that Yumi, so long being the chairman's (and his son's) dedicated partner in crime, actually hates her boss because he treated her just like his latest victims when she had graduated from highschool, and she offers to help Yukie, Rumi and Tomoko to break free from the blackmail cycle.

First she takes down Taketo with a sex plot. The defiled women taunt Taketo, saying "Your father f***ed us far better than you did!" He agrees to destroy the IOU letter if he's not able to satisfy them all. What follows is a 24h sex romp, the women suck him dry and the debt is gone.

His father is lured into a trap, his gloating over the sisters sucking him off being aired via intercom across the school, and some information leaked to the tax office, bringing about his downfall.

That could have been it, but they still give you an epilogue, so to speak.
The chairman being in jail, his son takes over, and despite his "misdemeanors" - he blackmailed the women in the first place - they have all fallen for him and the swine has now four women providing for his sexual desires and beyond.
Why does this bastard not go to hell as well? Must be some sort of Hentai-logic or something.

I got interested in the title because I saw snippets in "AMV Hell 0" and ANN says Asakawa Yuu is the voice of Rumi. For the latter claim I cannot find any evidence so far because the three episodes of "Aishimai"/"Immoral Sisters" don't give Seiyû credits. Anything else is there, directors, animators, and what have you, but no word about the Seiyû. Interesting enough, has no information either. They do sell the game (which the Anime is based upon), they give sound and voice samples from all the girls, but they don't say who the Seiyû are. I wrote them an e-mail concerning the matter but I don't dare hope for an answer.

For a blackmail/rape Hentai title, "Aishimai" is very tame. I wasn't expecting "Shuusaku" or "Princess 69", but a little more pep would have been welcome.


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