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 Post subject: Hentai with science fiction?
PostPosted: December 17th, 2011, 2:25 am 
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This the last I intend to post before the release of the next version, and (I anticipate) the last literary genre list. At this point, the list is mostly a dump of the following lists:

  • Futanari/Inkakuhidai
  • Mind Control
  • Robots/Androids/Cyborgs
  • Transformation list

The Science Fiction (SF) list as it stands:

In Japanese: サイエンスフィクション / サイエンス・フィクション ("saiensu fikushon"—"science fiction"); SF ("esuefu"—"science fiction"); 空想科学小説 ("kūsō kagaku shōsetsu"—"science fiction; sci-fi; fantasy fiction"); ハードSF ("hādo SF"—"hard science fiction"); ソフトSF ("sofuto SF"—"soft science fiction"); ソフト・サイエンス・フィクション ("sofuto saiensu fikushon"—"soft science fiction"); スペースオペラ ("supēsu opera"—"space opera"); サイバーパンク ("saibāpanku"—"cyberpunk"); ミリタリーSF ("miritarī SF"—"military science fiction"); 軍事SF ("gunji SF"—"military science fiction"); スチームパンク ("suchīmupanku"—"steampunk"); サイエンス・ファンタジー ("saiensu fantajī"—"science fantasy"); スペキュレイティブ・フィクション ("supekyureiteibu fikushon"—"speculative fiction"); 特撮 ("tokusatsu"—"special effects; SFX")

未来 ("mirai"—"(1) the future (usually distant); […] (3) the world to come"); 将来像 ("shōraizō"—"vision of the future"); 未来像 ("miraizō"—"vision of the future"); 未来史 ("miraishi"—"future history"); パラレルワールド ("parareru wārudo"—"parallel world"); 歴史改変 ("rekishikaihen"—"alternate history"); 時間もの ("jikanmono"—"time travel"); タイムスリップ / タイム・スリップ ("taimu surippu"—lit. "time slip"; "time warp; time travel"); タイムトリップ ("taimu torippu"—lit. "time trip"; "time travel"); 時間旅行 ("jikan ryokō"—"time travel"); タイムトラベル ("taimu toraberu"—"time travel"); 未来人 ("miraijin"—"man of the future; Homo futurus; time traveler from the future"); 異世界 ("isekai"—"parallel universe (e.g. in SF)")

宇宙 ("uchū"—"universe; cosmos; space"); 太虚 / 大虚 ("taikyo"—"(1) the sky; the universe"); ユニバース ("yunibāsu"—"universe"); 六合 ("rikugō"—"the universe; the cosmos"); コスモ ("kosumo"—"cosmos"); コスモス ("kosumosu"—"cosmos"); アウタースペース ("autā supēsu"—"outer space"); 外宇宙 ("gaiuchū"—"outer space"); 宇宙空間 ("uchū kuukan"—"outer space; void of space"); 星々 / 星星 ("hoshiboshi"—"stars; the stars and planets; celestial bodies"); 星辰 ("seishin"—"celestial bodies; stars"); 日月星辰 ("jitsugetsuseishin / nichigetsuseishin"—"the sun, the moon and the stars; the heavenly bodies"); 銀河 ("ginga"—"(1) Milky Way; (2) galaxy"); ギャラクシー ("gyarakushī"—"galaxy"); 銀河系 ("gingakei"—"galaxy; galactic system"); 星雲 ("seiun"—"(1) nebula; (2) (obsolete) galaxy"); ネビュラ ("nebyura"—"nebula"); 星団 ("seidan"—"star cluster"); 太陽系 ("taiyōkei"—"solar system"); 惑星系 ("wakuseikei"—"planetary system; star system"); スターシステム ("sutā shisutemu"—"star system"); 恒星系 ("kōseikei"—"star system"); 太陽 ("taiyō"—"sun; solar"); 星 ("hoshi"—"(1) star; any light-emitting (or reflecting) heavenly body (except for the sun and the moon)")

超新星 ("chōshinsei"—"supernova"); スーパーノバ ("sūpānoba"—"supernova"); ブラックホール ("burakku hōru"—"black hole"); 新星 ("shinsei"—"new face (star); nova"); ノバ ("noba"—"nova"); ノヴァ ("nova"—"nova"); 中性子星 ("chūseishisei"—"neutron star"); 惑星 ("wakusei"—"planet"); プラネット ("puranetto"—"planet"); 太陽系外惑星 ("taiyōkei gaiwakusei"—"extrasolar planet"); 月 ("tsuki"—"(1) moon") 月の輪 ("tsuki no wa"—"(1) moon (esp. full moon)"); ムーン ("mūn"—"moon"); 彗星 / すい星 // 帚星 / 箒星 / ほうき星 ("suisei // houkiboshi"—"comet"); コメット ("kometto"—"comet"); 赤気 ("sekki"—"(1) red cloud; (2) comet"); 小惑星帯 ("shōwakuseitai"—"asteroid belt"); 小惑星 ("shōwakusei"—"asteroid"); アステロイド ("asuteroido"—"asteroid")

宇宙船 ("uchū sen"—"space ship"); スペースシップ ("supēsushippu"—"space ship"); スペースクラフト ("supēsukurafuto"—"spacecraft"); 宇宙ロケット ("uchū roketto"—"space rocket"); 恒星船 ("kōseisen"—"starship"); 世代宇宙船 ("sedai uchūusen"—"generation ship"); 宇宙局 ("uchū kyoku"—"space station"); 宇宙飛行 ("uchuuhikō"—"space flight"); 航宙 ("kōchū"—"space flight"); 宇宙ステーション ("uchū sutēshon"—"space station"); 宇宙基地 ("uchū kichi"—"space station"); 宇宙飛行士 ("uchuuhikōshi"—"astronaut"); 月面着陸 ("getsumen chakuriku"—"moon landing"); 月面基地 ("getsumen kichi"—"lunar base; moon base")

地球空洞 ("chikyū kūdō"—"hollow Earth"); シミュレーティッド・リアリティ ("shimyurēteiddo riaritei"—"simulated reality"); バーチャルリアリティ ("bācharu riaritē"—"virtual reality"); 仮想世界 ("kasō sekai"—"virtual world")

宇宙人 ("uchūjin"—"space alien"); 異星人 ("iseijin"—"alien (from another planet)"); ファーストコンタクト ("fāsuto kontakuto"—"first contact"); 人工知能 ("jinkōchinō"—"artificial intelligence"); アーティフィシャルインテリジェンス ("āteifisharu interijiensu"—"artificial intelligence"); AI ("ēai"—"artificial intelligence"); サイバネティクス / サイバネティックス / サイベネティックス ("saibanetēkusu / saibanetēkkusu / saibenetēkkusu"—"cybernetics"); 人工頭脳 ("jinkōzunō"—"cybernetics"); 人造人間 ("jinzō ningen"—lit. "artificial human"; "robot / cyborg"); ロボット ("robotto"—"robot"); アンドロイド ("andoroido"—"android"); 人型ロボット ("hitogata robotto"—"humanoid robot"); サイボーグ ("saibōgu"—"cyborg / cybernetic organism"); メカ ("meka"—abbreviated from "mechanical"); 義体 ("gitai"—"artificial body; cyborg"); ? ("chikaijin"—"android"); クローン / クロン ("kurōn / kuron"—"clone"); ミュータント ("myūtanto"—"mutant"); 突然変異体 ("totsuzenhen'itai"—"mutant"); 変異体 ("hen'itai"—"mutant; variant"); 怪獣 ("kaijū"—literally "strange beast"; "monster")

オーバーテクノロジー ("ōbā tekunorojī"—lit. "over technology"; "super technology; technology beyond our current capabilities, mainly in science fiction"); 光線銃 ("kōsenjū"—"ray gun"); 超光速航法 ("chōkōsokukōhō"—"faster-than-light travel"); ワームホール ("wāmuhōru"—"wormhole"); 瞬間移動 ("shunkan'idō"—"teleportation"); テレポーテーション ("terepōtēshon"—"teleportation"); 正義の剣 ("seigi no ken"—"light sabre (saber) (from the Star Wars films) (literally: 'sword of justice')"); ライトセーバー ("raitosēbā"—"light sabre (saber) (as in the Star Wars films)"); 反物質 ("hanbusshitsu"—"antimatter (physics)"); ナノテクノロジー ("nanotekunorojī"—"nanotechnology")

終末もの ("shūmatsumono"—"apocalypse"); 破滅もの ("hametsumono"—"post-apocalypse"); ディストピア ("deisutopia"—"dystopia")

超常的 ("chōjōteki"—"supernatural (e.g. psychic phenomena and such); paranormal"); 心霊現象 ("shinreigenshō"—"psychic phenomenon"); 超能力 ("chōnōryoku"—"(1) extra-sensory perception; ESP; psi; psychic ability; (2) psychokinesis; PK"); 霊能力 ("reinōryoku"—"psychic power")

Shows which contain one or more of the following (which are presented as science-based, rather than as magic):

  • A time setting in the future, in alternative timelines, or in a historical past that contradicts known facts of history or the archaeological record.
  • A spatial setting or scenes in outer space (e.g., spaceflight), on other worlds, or on subterranean earth.
  • Characters that include aliens, mutants, androids, or humanoid robots.
  • Technology that is futuristic (e.g., ray guns, teleportation machines, humanoid computers).
  • Scientific principles that are new or that contradict known laws of nature, for example time travel, wormholes, or faster-than-light travel.
  • New and different political or social systems (e.g. dystopia, post-scarcity, or a post-apocalyptic situation where organized society has collapsed).
  • Paranormal abilities such as mind control, telepathy, telekinesis, and teleportation.

If the science-fictional aspect concerns a specific item or character, where known the entries specify the episodes in which that item or character appears.

For information about the shows listed below, see the Anime News Network Encyclopedia and, and for reviews, see the Review Sites page of the database.

% = A single show's episodes are split between R1 and R2 titles (see the Incomplete R1 releases list)

Region 1 (North America) released series:

  • Advancer Tina (on The Best of Kitty Volume 1)
  • Akiko episodes 1 and 2 (both: sentient biological android)
  • Alien from the Darkness
  • Angel Core (alternate history/universe)
  • Arisa episodes 1 and 2 (both: sentient android)
  • Battle Can-Can (space travel)
  • Battle Team Lakers EX (on The Best of Kitty Volume 1) (aliens, space travel)
  • Beat Angel Escalayer episodes 1–3 (both: sentient android)
  • Bondage Game episodes 1 and 2 (both: advanced biological experimentation)
  • Cambrian episodes 1 and 2 (both: genetic engineering)
  • Chu² (AKA Wicked Trio)
    • Story 2 "Panira Pamera" (AKA "Lust in Space")
  • Cosplay Sex Machine episodes 1 and 2 (both: sentient android)
  • Countdown
    • Ep. 2a "Crimson" (flesh doll (a non-sentient human clone))
    • Ep. 3b "A Play on History, Hooligan Boy" (AKA "Famous Trick History, Hooligan Boy") (steampunk mecha)
  • Daiakuji: The Xena Buster (alternate future, advanced biological experimentation, cyborg (episode 6))
  • Dark Shell (set in alternate history)
  • Darling episode 2 (cyborg (fantasy))
  • Dream Hazard (advanced virtual reality)
  • Dyogrammaton episodes 1 and 2 (both: mecha)
  • él (set in the future, advanced virtual reality)
  • Fobia (time travel, powered armor)
  • Forbidden Love episodes 1 and 2 (both: sentient android)
  • Guy episodes 1 and 2 (set in the future, space travel)
  • Harumi's Bad Play (sentient android)
  • Hentai Express (mecha, future setting(?))
  • HypnoLove episodes 1 and 2 (both: advanced hypnosis machine)
  • I Dream of Mimi (AKA Buttobi CPU) (sentient androids)
  • Imma Youjo: The Erotic Temptress episode 2 (and episode 1?) (sentient android(s)?)
  • Invasion of the Booby Snatchers episodes 1 and 2 (both: aliens)
  • It's a Family Affair
    • Ep. 2b "Tokiko" (sentient android)
  • Karma Saiyuki, The (sentient androids)
  • Kowaremono (AKA Kowaremono: Fragile Hearts) episodes 1–3 (sentient android)
  • La Blue Girl episode 6 (cyborg)
  • Legend of the Blue Wolves (yaoi) (set in the future, space travel)
  • Lunatic Night% (sentient robot(?) and cyborg)
  • Luv Wave episodes 1–3 (sentient android, set in the future)
  • Mail Order Maiden 28 episodes 1 and 2 (sentient android)
  • Marine a Go Go episodes 1–3 (all: sentient android)
  • Mezzo Forte episodes 1 and 2 (both: advanced android (minor in episode 2))
  • Midnight Strike Force
  • Mission of Darkness (space travel, alien)
  • Pianist, The (AKA Pianist) (sentient android)
  • Project Boobs episodes 1 and 2 (both: advanced biological experimentation)
  • See In AO (sentient robot OR android)
  • Sexorcist (on The Best of Kitty Volume 3) (advanced robotics, cyborg)
  • Sexy Magical Girl% episodes 3 and 4 (both: cyborg)
  • Slave Doll: Maid to Order (all; sentient android)
  • Spaceship Agga Ruter (space travel)
  • Spy of Darkness
  • Stainless Night (all; sentient android)
  • Super Sexy Android (AKA Android)
  • Tales Trilogy, The (AKA Tales of…)
    • Ep. 3e "Go, Girl! For World Peace!" (advanced android)
  • Tokio Private Police
  • Urotsukidoji III: Return of the Overfiend 1–3 (1 and 3: robot; 2: cyborg)
  • Urotsukidoji IV: Inferno Road (two sentient androids)
  • Urotsukidoji: New Saga (robot OR android)
  • VirtuaCall episodes and 2 (both: virtual reality; episode 2: cyborg)
  • Vixens (AKA Visionary)
    • Ep. 1a "SM Snake" (sentient android, time travel, "magical" (Clarkeian) super science)
    • Ep. 1b "Miracle Alien" (sentient android, time travel, "magical" (Clarkeian) super science)


  • Bizarre Cage, The (sentient? computer)
  • Desert Island Story XX, The (mind/body swapping?)
  • F³: Frantic, Frustrated and Female episode 1 (advanced robotics)
  • Tales Trilogy, The (AKA Tales of…)
    • Ep. 2c "Sailor Warrior Akko: A Giant Perverted Salaryman Appears" (super science?)
  • Yu-No (travel to alternate universe (magical?))

Region 2 (Japan) only—commercially unreleased in North America:

  • Ai no Kusabi
  • Bodyjack (astral projection machine)
  • Gitai Saimin (aliens, advanced biological technology)
  • Kangoku Senkan (space travel)
  • Rei Zero
  • Ryoujoku Guerrilla Kari 3 (space travel)
  • Shion (aliens, space travel)
  • Soukou Kijo Iris
  • Tokubetsu Byoutou episodes 1 and 2 (both: advanced biological experimentation)
  • Tokumu Sousakan Rei & Fuko
  • Uchuu Kaizoku Sara


  • Ryuusei Tenshi Prima Veil (UFO)
  • STAR jewel

This list may not be definitive (though I hope to make it so with your help); what did I miss, and what needs correction?

Yuribou Hentai Dictionary v3.0 (last updated 14 August 2012). Hentai genre & fetish DB (last updated 11 January 2012) and more this way.

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