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 Post subject: Hentai with cheating (NTR)?
PostPosted: November 16th, 2011, 10:28 am 
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I've converted the former Adulterous Spouses list to a more generic Cheating (NTR) list, which now includes characters are not married, but who have sex with another character who is not their significant other. This list needs particular attention to separate cheating from non-consensual NTR, as well as that which does not involve a romantic or sexual relationship.

In Japanese: 姦通 ("kantsū"—"adultery") and 相姦 ("sōkan"—"adultery"); 寝取られ ("netorari"—"having your lover taken from you", being cheated upon), 寝取り ("netori"—"taking a lover away from someone", cheating upon), 寝取る ("netoru"—"to steal a lover")—all abbreviated "NTR"; 不義密通 ("fugimittsū"—"adultery; infidelity"); 不貞 ("futei"—"unfaithfulness; infidelity; unchastity"); 浮気 / うわ気 ("uwaki"—"(1) extramarital sex; affair; fooling around; (2) infidelity; wantonness; unfaithfulness; inconstancy; fickleness; caprice"); 姦通罪 ("kantsūzai"—"(the crime of) adultery"), 不倫罪 ("furinzai"—"(crime of) adultery"); 婚外性交 ("kongaiseikō"—"adultery / extra-marital intercourse"), 私通 ("shitsū"—"adultery / illicit intercourse"), 不倫 ("furin"—"adultery / immorality / impropriety"), 密通 ("mittsū"—"adultery / misconduct / intrigue / criminal connection"), 不義 ("fugi"—"immorality / injustice / misconduct / adultery / impropriety / perfidy"); 色恋沙汰 ("irokoizata"—"illicit love affair"); 社内不倫 ("shanaifurin"—"adulterous love affair with someone at work")

間男 ("maotoko"—"adultery / adulterer"), 姦夫 ("kanpu"—"adulterer / paramour"), 姦婦 ("kanpu"—"adulteress"), 浮気者 ("uwakimono"—"cheater / unfaithful person / adulterer"); 浮気性 / 浮気症 ("uwakishō"—"serial cheating (in relationships); serial adultery"); 不倫相手 ("furin'aite"—"person with whom one is having an illicit love affair"); 慇懃を通じる ("ingin o tsūjiru"—"to have a surreptitious sexual relationship with; to have an illicit love affair with")

The cheater's gendered title ("husband", "wife", "boyfriend", or "girlfriend"), their relationship(s) to the person(s) with whom they commit the sexual infidelity, and the episode(s) in which the infidelity occurs are specified (where known). Note that a widow/widower who has sex is not committing adultery, nor is someone for whom the sex is non-consensual (though in each case their partner(s) may be wayward). Proof of relationship (as opposed to just parenthood, for example) is also preferred (e.g., mention of a significant other). (Unlike "true" NTR, this list makes no judgment as to the emotions involved or evoked or the results of the cheating, and does not include rape or characters not already in a romantic or sexual relationship.) See also the Incest list.

For information about the shows listed below, see the Anime News Network Encyclopedia and, and for reviews, see the Review Sites page of the database.

% = A single show's episodes are split between R1 and R2 titles (see the Incomplete R1 releases list)

  • Bride of Darkness episode 1 (sister with her sister's fiancé)
  • Consenting Adultery episodes 1 and 2 (both: two wives with their building's superintendent and each other)
  • Cool Devices
    • Ep. 7 "Yellow Star" (husband with his stepdaughter)
  • Countdown
    • Ep. 1a "Alimony Hunter" (fiancée with just-met friend and fiancée's stepson-to-be (within an engagement))
  • Desperate Carnal Housewives episode 2 (wife with school bus driver and teacher)
  • Destined for Love episode 1 (wives with their mutual brother-in-law)
  • Dirty Laundry episode 1 (wife with laundryman)
  • Do You Know the MILFing Man? episodes 1 (husband with girlfriend) and 2 (both: stepmother/-son; mother/son (implied, not shown))
  • Fleshdance episodes 1 and 2 (both: wife/husband's student)
  • Hills Have Size, The episodes 1 and 2 (both: wife with husband's cousin; husband with girlfriend (off-screen only))
  • Immoral Sisters (wife with her two stepdaughters, a father and son, and the father's secretary)
  • Immoral Sisters 2 (wife with her two stepdaughters and two friends; husband with stepdaughter)
  • Insatiable episodes 1 (wife with old boyfriend) and 2 (wife with old boyfriend and his friends)
  • Like Mother, Like Daughter
  • Lover-in-Law episodes 1 and 2 (both: wife with brother-in-law and friend; wife with friends)
  • Ménage à Twins (wife with next-door neighbor)
  • Mistreated Bride (wife with father-in-law, and brother-in-law; wife (different character) with two gardeners, and with stepson)
  • My Brother's Wife episodes 1 (wife with brother-in-law) and 2 (wife with brother-in-law and his two girlfriends)
  • Ringetsu episode 1 (wife with brother-in-law, with the permission of and in the presence of her husband)
  • School of Masochists (AKA School of Bondage) (wife with three men, and huband with one of her co-workers)
  • Sleazy Mother (AKA The Sleazy Family episodes 1–3) episode 3 (wife with sister and stepson)
  • Stepmother's Sin episodes 1 and 2 (wife with stepson)
  • Submission Central
  • Taboo Charming Mother episodes 2–6 (all: wife with stepson; episode 2: wife with four male strangers)
  • TriAngle (AKA Terra Story) episode 2 (husband with nurse)
  • Wife Eater episodes 1 and 2 (both: wife with a friend)
  • Wife With Wife episodes 1 (wife with grocery store manager, who becomes her boss) 2 (husband with childhood friend)
  • Wife-Swap Diaries (two husbands with each others' respective wives)
  • Yu-No episode 3 (husband with his female friend) (and episode 2?)


  • Black Mail II: The Animation, The
  • Blackmail (AKA The Black Mail: Tomorrow Never Ends)
  • Bondage Mansion
  • Cougar Trap, The episodes 1 and 2 (wife with her son's friend)
  • Flower and Snake The Animation episodes 1–3 (wife with stepdaughter and various men)
  • Heartwork: Love Guns episode 2
  • Night Shift Nurses episodes 1 and 6
  • Secret of a Housewife%
  • Sex Warrior Pudding (wife with her employee/daughter's crush) episode 3
  • Sexual Pursuit 2 episodes 1 and 2 (wife (?) with daughter, stepson, and stepdaughter)

Region 2:

  • DreamNote episode 1 (wife with guy (relationship?))
  • Hitozuma Cosplay Kissa 2: Hitozuma Love Love Cosplay OVA (wives/coworker)
  • Ore wa Kanojo o Shinjiteru! episode 1 (female fiancée with fellow school club member)
  • Oruchuban Ebichu (etchi) episode 8 (boyfriend with neighbor's hamster (fantasy))
  • Rensa Byoutou episode 2 (wife with former tutoring student)
  • Saiminjyutsu 2nd episode 1 (wife with nephew; wife with daughter; wife with daughter and nephew)
  • Tsuma Shibori episode 2 (wife with male neighbor)


  • Fukubiki! Triangle: Miharu After
  • Grope: Yami no naka no Kotori-tachi
  • Hi-iro no Koku% (Secret of a Housewife)
  • Hitou Meguri Kakure Yu
  • Hitou Meguri the Animation
  • Hitozuma Koukan Nikki
  • Houkago 2 The Animation
  • Houkago 2: Sayuri
  • I Can episode 1
  • In'youchuu The Animation
  • Innocent Blue
  • Love Selection: The Animation
  • Netorare
  • Netorare Fighter Yaritchingu!
  • Rasen Kairou
  • Reijoku no Yakata (AKA House of Five Lusts)
  • Ryoujoku Famiresu Choukyou Menu episode 1
  • Saigo no Door o Shimero! (yaoi) (husband with male friend of a friend)
  • Seifuku Shojo episode 1 or 2
  • Shin Kyouhaku 2 The Animation
  • Shishunki Shoujo
  • Triangle Blue
  • True Blue
  • True Blue Gaiden
  • Watashi no Shiranai Mesu no Kao (AKA The Secret Face of My Wife)
  • Yamahime no Mi
  • Yokorenbo: Immoral Mother

The blog Rage Against The Manga was the source of the "NTR" definitions. An archive of the applicable post may be found at "Definitions – 'NTR', '寝取られ'…". See also the HongFire thread "寝取られ NETORARE ( NTR ) OFFICIAL THREAD"

This list may not be definitive (though I hope to make it so with your help); what did I miss, and what needs correction?

Yuribou Hentai Dictionary v3.0 (last updated 14 August 2012). Hentai genre & fetish DB (last updated 11 January 2012) and more this way.

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