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 Post subject: Hentai with sex slaves?
PostPosted: November 9th, 2011, 7:32 am 
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This is an update of the existing Sexual Slavery and Training list by the addition of the notations consensual, consensual (under the influence), and non-consensual as appropriate to the series. I have forgotten who the poster who suggested this is was (though I believe they are on HongFire)—if they come forward with proof, I'll be glad to credit them. Thanks also to my mother for helping with the definition's new terminology (though I didn't tell her exactly what it was for).

In Japanese: 奴隷 ("dorei"—"slave; servant"); 調教 ("chōkyō"—"training (animals); breaking (animals)"); 被虜人 ("hiryonin"—"slave"); 虜; 擒; 俘 ("toriko"—"(n) (1) captive; prisoner; (2) victim (of love, etc.); slave (to one's lust, etc.)"); 人身売買 ("jinshinbaibai"—"(n) slave trade; white-slave trade; human trafficking"); 慰安婦 ("ianfu"—"enslaved prostitute; comfort woman"); 人買い ("hitokai"—"slave traffic; slave dealer")

Series containing sexual slavery. This list is not meant to include instances of casual or opportunistic rape (e.g., as in Moral Hazard or the hostages at the beginning of Luv Wave), but the systematic, coercive possession and use of "kept" males and/or females, whether for personal, commercial, and/or experimental reasons. Rigorous and harsh sexual training is also included (e.g., as in Swallowtail Inn), and noted separately ("(training)"). The slave/trainee character(s) are assumed to be female unless otherwise noted. Consent is entirely optional (but noted where known)—series with willing submissives are included, but the balance of power between master and slave is to be uneven, unlike in a "normal" harem (e.g. Consenting Adultery does not count). Three levels of consent are noted:
• Consensual: The slave (or trainee) has chosen and continues to chose their condition of their own will (e.g., because they are a submissive, for financial gain, etc.).
• Consensual (under the influence): The slave (or trainee) has chosen their condition, but does so because they are under the influence of aphrodisiacs, identification with the abuser, mind control, psychological denial, sexual addiction, super touch, or other consciousness-altering means. (See also the Aphrodisiacs, Mind Control, and Super Touch lists, as well as the Sexual Overload (Ahegao) list.)
• Non-consensual: The slave is being held against their will, due to physical force, blackmail (see also the Blackmail list), fear, or other overt or direct coercion.

For information about the shows listed below, see the Anime News Network Encyclopedia and, and for reviews, see the Review Sites page of the database.

% = A single show's episodes are split between R1 and R2 titles (see the Incomplete R1 releases list)

  • After Class Lesson% episodes 1–3 (consensual (under the influence))
  • Anal Sanctuary episodes 1 and 2 (consensual (under the influence))
  • Angel Blade Punish!
  • Angel Core episodes 1 and 2
  • Angel of Darkness episode 4 (male)
  • Behind Closed Doors episode 2 (and episodes 1 and 3?)
  • Bible Black Only%
    • Ep. 2b "Secret Torture" (non-consensual/consensual (under the influence))
  • Black Mail II: The Animation, The (all)
  • Black Widow episodes 1 and 2 (non-consensual)
  • Blackmail (AKA The Black Mail: Tomorrow Never Ends) (all)
  • Blood Royale episodes 1 and 2
  • Bondage Game (all)
  • Bondage Mansion
  • Bondage Queen Kate
  • Cage (all)
  • Cool Devices
    • Ep. 1 "Curious Fruit" (male and female) (consensual)
    • Ep. 3a "Lover Doll"
    • Ep. 4 "Kirei"
    • Ep. 5 & 6 "Seek" I & II
    • Ep. 7 "Yellow Star"
    • Ep. 8 & 9 "Slave Warrior Maya" I & II
    • Ep. 10 "Binding"
    • Ep. 11 "Fallen Angel Rina" (non-consensual)
  • Countdown
    • Ep. 1b "Seek"
  • Custom Slave: Sayako's Chapter (all)
  • Daiakuji: The Xena Buster episode 2 (and episode 6?)
  • Darcrows episodes 1 and 2 (non-consensual, becomes consensual?)
  • Dark Chapel, The (all)
  • Dark Future (all)
  • Dark Love (all) (consensual (under the influence))
  • Debts of Desire
  • Demon Warrior Koji episode 3 (in flashbacks) (non-consensual)
  • Depravity: Destruction of a Female Teacher (all) (non-consensual)
  • Desperate Carnal Housewives episodes 1 (non-consensual) and 2 (consensual (under the influence))
  • Dirty by the Dozen episode 2
  • Doctor Shameless (all) (consensual (under the influence))
  • Elfen Laid (all)
  • Enspelled (all) (consensual (under the influence))
  • Flashback episode 3 (brief; non-consensual)
  • G-taste% episodes 2 and 3 (moderately non-consensual)
  • Gloria: Private Lessons (training; all) (non-consensual (one character)/consensual (several characters))
  • Guy episode 1
  • Haitoku no Shoujyo: Family of Debauchery% (non-consensual)
  • Heritage from Father episode 2
  • Hot for Teacher (all)
  • House of 100 Tongues (non-consensual?)
  • Humiliated Wives (non-consensual)
  • Hyakki: The Secret of Devil's Island
  • Immoral Sisters (all) (non-consensual)
  • Isaku (all) (consensual (under the influence))
  • Isaku Respect (all) (consensual (under the influence))
  • Kamyla (all) (consensual (under the influence))
  • Karen (non-consensual)
  • Kisaku Spirit: The Letch Lives (all) (consensual (under the influence))
  • Kisaku the Letch (all) (consensual (under the influence))
  • Kite (all) (non-consensual)
  • Legend of the Black Eye: Kokudohoh (AKA Kokudo Oh: The Black Eye King) (consensual (under the influence)?)
  • Lesbian Ward (all) (consensual)
  • Lingeries episodes 1 (two characters: one non-consensual, one consensual), 2 (three characters: one consensual, two consensual (under the influence)), and 3 (four characters: one consensual who changes masters and becomes consensual (under the influence), three consensual (under the influence))
  • Love Doll (all) (non-consensual)
  • Love Lessons (all) (consensual)
  • Maid Service episodes 1 and 2
  • Maiden Diaries, The% (AKA Maiden of…) episodes 1, and 3–5 (non-consensual)
  • Maiden of Deliverance (all) (non-consensual)
  • Maison Plaisir (all) (consensual)
  • Medical Humiliation (all) (consensual (under the influence)?)
  • Ménage à Twins (all) (non-consensual)
  • Midnight Milk Party (on Kitty Pleasure Pack #1) (non-consensual)
  • Midnight Strike Force (all)
  • MILF Mansion episodes 1 and 2
  • Milk Money (male) (all) (non-consensual?)
  • Momiji (all) (non-consensual)
  • Momone (AKA The Naughty Professor) (non-consensual)
  • My Life As… (consensual)
  • Night Shift Nurses (all) (non-consensual/consensual (under the influence)?)
  • Night Shift Nurses Experiment (all)
  • Night Shift Nurses: Kranke (all)
  • Nine O'clock Woman% (all) (non-consensual)
  • No Money (non-consensual?)
  • Panty Flash Teacher (all) (non-consensual)
  • Parade Parade (comedic) (consensual)
  • Princess 69 (non-consensual)
  • Princess 69: Midnight Gymnastics (non-consensual)
  • Project Boobs (all) (non-consensual)
  • Ride of the Valkyrie (all) (non-consensual)
  • School of Masochists (AKA School of Bondage) (all) (non-consensual)
  • Servant Princess (AKA Elufina: Servant Princess) (all)
  • Sex Taxi (all) (non-consensual)
  • Sextra Credit (all) (consensual (one character/non-consensual (several characters))
  • Shojyo Koakuma Kei: The Writhing Women
  • Shusaku the Letch (all)
  • Shusaku the Letch: Liberty (all)
  • Shusaku the Letch: Replay (all)
  • Sin Sorority (non-consensual)
  • Slave Market (non-consensual)
  • Slave Nurses (all)
  • Slave Sisters (all) (non-consensual)
  • Spa of Love (all) (consensual (under the influence))
  • Swallowtail Inn (training) (all) (consensual)
  • T&A Teacher (all) (non-consensual)
  • Taboo Charming Mother episodes 2–6 (consensual (under the influence))
  • Teacher's Pet (all) (consensual (one character)/non-consensual, becoming consensual (one character))
  • Temptation episodes 1 and 2
  • Venus Files, The (non-consensual)
  • Virgin Auction (male and female) (all) (consensual)
  • Vixens (AKA Visionary) episode 3 (non-consensual)
  • Weather Report Girl (etchi) episodes 1 and 2 (non-consensual (becoming consensual?); comedic)
  • Xtra Credit (non-consensual)


  • Flower and Snake The Animation (all) (non-consensual)
  • Genmukan: The Sin of Desire & Shame episode 1 (consensual)
  • Hardcore Hospital episodes 1 and 2
  • Immoral Sisters 2 (consensual)
  • Keraku-No-Oh: King of Pleasure (consensual (under the influence))
  • Mistreated Bride episodes 1 and 3 (flashback?)
  • Natural Obsessions 2 (consensual?)
  • Night When Evil Falls, The (consensual (under the influence)?)
  • Secret of a Housewife% episodes 1 and 2
  • Sibling Secret
  • Sinners Paradise episodes 1 and 2
  • Slutty-Princess Diaries
  • Stepsister
  • Voyeur's Digest
  • Widow (consensual)

Region 2:

  • 21-ji no Onna: Newscaster Miki Katsuragi (Nine O'clock Woman) episode 3 (non-consensual)
  • Ail Maniax (all)
  • Anime Kazama Mana
  • Chinetsu Karte: The Devilish Cherry episodes 1 and 2 (consensual (under the influence))
  • Dorei Maid Princess (all)
  • Haitoku no Shoujo: A Girl of Immorality% (Haitoku no Shoujyo: Family of Debauchery) episode 1 (non-consensual)
  • Himekishi Angelica The Animation (all)
  • Himekishi Lilia (all)
  • Ikusa Otome Suvia (all)
  • Ikusa Otome Valkyrie 2 episodes 1–3
  • Ikusa Otome Valkyrie Shinshou (all)
  • In'youchuu Shoku
  • In'youchuu The Animation
  • Inda no Himekishi Janne The Animation (all)
  • Kan'in Tokkyuu: Michi Shio episode 1
  • Kara no Naka no Kotori% (The Maiden Diaries) episode 2
  • Kimi no Na o Yobeba
  • Kyuuketsuki episode 1
  • M.E.M.: Yogosareta Junketsu episodes 1 and 2
  • Makai Kishi Ingrid (AKA Hell Knight Ingrid) episodes 1–4
  • Mofuku Tsuma episode 1
  • Onna Kyoushi Nijuusan-sai episodes 1 and 2
  • Princess Knight Catue episode 1
  • Shin Kyouhaku 2 The Animation
  • Shion (all)
  • Soukou Kijo Iris (all)
  • Taimanin Asagi (all)
  • Tokumu Sousakan Rei & Fuko (all)
  • Uchuu Kaizoku Sara episodes 1–4 and extra scene
  • Yakin Byoutou Ni
  • Yume Kui: Tsurumiku Shiki Game Seisaku episode 2 (and episode 1?)


  • Anime Shounen Maid Curo-kun: Tenshi no Uta (yaoi) episode 1
  • Aoi Kokuhaku
  • Blind Night
  • Buta Hime-sama episode 1
  • Doura
  • Elf no Futago Hime: Willan to Arsura episode 1
  • Gakuen Shimai episodes 1 and 2 (comedic?)
  • Helter Skelter: Hakudaku no Mura
  • Hi-iro no Koku% (Secret of a Housewife)
  • Innocent Blue
  • Isaku% episode 4 (consensual (under the influence))
  • Kangoku Senkan
  • Keibiin
  • Kowaku no Toki episode 1
  • Kugutsu Ai: Doura Gaiden
  • Last Waltz: Haku Dakumamire no Natsu Gasshuku episodes 1 and 2
  • Mesu Kyoushi: Injoku no Kyoushitsu
  • Minerva no Kenshi (AKA Fencer of Minerva)
  • Ooedo Shijuuhatte
  • Otome Juurin Yuugi: Maiden Infringement Play episode 1
  • Ran → Sem: Hakudaku Delmo Tsuma no Miira Tori episodes 1 and 2
  • Ryoujoku Joshi Gakuen
  • Shakkin Shimai (AKA Debt Sisters)
  • Toriko Hime: Hakudaku Mamire no Reijou episodes 1 and 2
  • Yakin Byoutou% (Night Shift Nurses) episode 10
  • Yami Shijou Auction: Bijo Dorei

This list may not be definitive (though I hope to make it so with your help); what did I miss, and what needs correction?

Yuribou Hentai Dictionary v3.0 (last updated 14 August 2012). Hentai genre & fetish DB (last updated 11 January 2012) and more this way.

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