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 Post subject: Hentai anime with body graffiti?
PostPosted: November 9th, 2011, 7:07 am 
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A new list: Body Graffiti (Body Writing). This one is thanks to a question asked by AnimeNation's Shakuras. The list as it stands:

In Japanese: 身体に落書き / 身体に落書 ("shintai ni rakugaki"—"graffiti on the body"); 体に落書き ("karada ni rakugaki"—"graffiti on the body"); 正の字 ("sei no ji"—(colloquial) "tally mark", a common type of body graffiti; the formal term for tally mark is 画線法 ("kakusenhō")); 額に肉 ("hitai ni niku"—"'niku' on the forehead", another common type of body graffiti, in which the word "niku" ("meat") is written on the forehead). Related terms/genres/fetishes: 肉便器 ("niku benki"—(colloquial, derogitory) lit. "meat urinal", "human toilet"—a woman for use as a dumping ground for males' semen) and 公衆便所 ("kōshū benjo"—(colloquial, derogitory) lit. "public toilet/rest room", a woman for sexual use by anyone).

N.B.: お書字 (allegedly "oshouji" ["oshōji"]—"calligraphy character", but actually "oshoji"—"o-" (honorific prefix) + "written form") is used in English language sources as the term for this fetish, but it does not actually seem to be used in Japanese.

Instances of characters who have been written upon, usually as a form of degradation play. E.g., insults, invitations to (sexually) use the body upon which the words are written, and tally counts of how many people have used said body. (Not to be confused with tattoos, which have a separate list.)

For information about the shows listed below, see the Anime News Network Encyclopedia and, and for reviews, see the Review Sites page of the database.

% = A single show's episodes are split between R1 and R2 titles (see the Incomplete R1 releases list)

  • Lesbian Ward episode 2
  • Princess 69 episode 3

Region 2:

  • Kangoku Senkan episode 3

This list may not be definitive (though I hope to make it so with your help); what did I miss, and what needs correction?

Yuribou Hentai Dictionary v3.0 (last updated 14 August 2012). Hentai genre & fetish DB (last updated 11 January 2012) and more this way.

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