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 Post subject: Your Best
PostPosted: January 15th, 2010, 10:36 pm 

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Being new to these forums I thought I would look through the "Hentai| Bishoujo Games| Erotic Doujinshi" section to see what I could find. However, I was shocked to learn that there is no "The best..." thread.

So, Animetric, let's have it. I dare you lads (and lasses) to post the best B-Game or Doujin you have ever seen. Your favorite, so that perhaps we all could revel in their splendor. :booyah:

Of course, beyond stating the title, you should explain what it was about the particular Game/Doujin that made you love it.

(PS: If it has bondage or guro or some other sort of extreme please say so. Otherwise we may have a few folks buy it only to go :shock: .)

 Post subject: Re: Your Best
PostPosted: January 16th, 2010, 11:53 am 

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My favorite b-game so far would be Princess Waltz. Fantastic story (at least according to my tastes), deep characters and beautiful/adorable girls. The music and voice acting is top notch and the artwork is gorgeous. It's worth a buy lads. I suggest you all go for it.
Suzushiro and Liliana, alone, are worth it. *hint*

 Post subject: Re: Your Best
PostPosted: January 16th, 2010, 8:17 pm 
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Well, I've named all my most beloved dating sims in the other thread, where you asked for recommendations:
True Love, Tokimeki, Sakura no Kisetsu, May Club, Dôkyûsei, and End of Summer.
I like the romance factor about them, in Sakura's case I do fully admit that the Evangelion character designs were pretty convincing in terms of me liking the game, too, but I found it captivating enough on other grounds, too, like storytelling and lovable characters.
To my regret I have not seen To Heart yet.

As for Dôjinshi... I can't really say I have one favorite Dôjinshi.
There was an Azumanga Daiô title that I liked, I think it was translated as "Floating classroom", where all the girls (the whole school, in fact) were warped to some barren dimension and soon split into two groups: Those who wanted to return home and thoise who wanted to stay in this dimension and make it a place to live in. It was like "Lord of the Flies" meets "Battle Royal" and really kinda cool, but I wasn't happy with the translation, there seemed to be something missing in the dialogues, and I was not able to find a Japanese version yet.

Then there's a DragonBall Z Dôjinshi named "Dirty Fighting", which I also only found in translation. It's about Krilin holding a tournament, hoping to win big bucks with C-18. He keeps it secret from Goku (because Goku's a sucker for tournaments who can beat C-18), who nevertheless shows up and they have a bout...
The cool thing about it is that it has animated frames. You know, some repetitive motions and stuff. Nothing big, but I found it so unique that I kept it.

"Love Dashi" (Rabu Dashi) is a Love Hina parody made for fans of the rape genre. Five years ago there were 20 issues, so it was pretty popular in the respective circles. It's nothing outstanding, a bunch of guys comes to this dorm which the Manga's plot is circling around, and says "We heard that only girls lived here... so we came to have a little fun", subsequently raping the whole bunch. Graphics are not that good either but what I found remarkable was the evil kind of madness that surrounded the perpetrators. I'm not sure whether there are English translations available.

I have a Minami-ke Dôjinshi that even surpasses this kind of psycho-evil, simply called "Ura". Three guys assault Haruka in the park and have her lead them to her home, where they rape all three girls. But that's not what the work is about, that sequence is very short and rather disappointing for someone who wants to actually SEE it. It's more being implied. "Ura" is about how the men control the girls, force them to work for them, sending them on a downward spiral towards hell - Chiaki makes money by having explicit pictures taken by lolicons, Kana is doing Enjo Kôsai, and Haruka becomes a porn actress. (If you're sensitive be warned that there are several scenes of defecation.) I wouldn't know of any English translation.

Pretty Cure has been turned into a series called "Milk Hunters". Honoka and Nagisa have experienced a slack of their powers lately and their guardians tell them that they need the sperm of a certain guy in their school to rejuvenate their energy. Of course it's the dirtiest, smelliest, and ugliest guy you can imagine, who uses his new found popularity to inseminate pretty much every female person on the campus. The graphical depictions are pretty good, although at times somewhat exaggerated. "Milk Hunters" is also available in English, and the translation isn't half bad.

Then, only one word: Saigadô. Check it out.

"Natsukaze" is another act of evil - a Yotsubato Dôjinshi. Yotsuba herself does not take part, this is about Fuuka. Being abused by her father she engages in Enjo Kôsai, saying "I want to become so dirty that a single spot doesn't matter anymore." Very well drawn, and it delivers a rightfully depressive mood, and whereas I rarely feel compassion when reading Hentai Manga, here I did.
On the good side there's "Pretty Neighbor". Telling us about the sexual relationship of Fuuka and Yotsuba's dad this Manga manages to contain the carefree and easy-going atmosphere of the original Manga which makes it a real joy reading.
Both "Natsukaze" and "Pretty Neighbor" are available in English.

That would be the end of my Dôjinshi list - that is, the parody Manga. I have a lot more original stuff from different H-artists, but if you wanna know about my preferences there I'd recommend you to read the scanlations that I have posted so far.


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