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Author:  Storm_Shinobi [ May 8th, 2007, 6:36 am ]
Post subject:  Storm Shinobi's STUFFs

Hell, with our own Art Forum, we don't need to be restricted to one Art Thread. And each artist can get more focused comments and stuff this way so here goes. ... tsheet.jpg
A new dark knight concept. Meant to look villainous and stuff. After all, she's going to slay church people. In that whacked up story of mine.

Author:  42317 [ May 14th, 2007, 7:20 am ]
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Nice design. Very spikey. :D
A female church-people-slayer? Unholy cow... Spaz might have a field day with the original story. :wink:
So, what's her motivation?

Author:  Storm_Shinobi [ May 15th, 2007, 1:06 am ]
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Pose experimentation.

Before she became dark.

Refinement of armour along with a weird pose that can show one straight limb and one bent limb. I wanted to make the armour work after some criticisms that the armour was completely unpractical and stuff. While retaining the overall look of course.

The general story is that... well bring it a generation back to her father. In a world where religion holds power over the monarchy. The monarchy is merely a puppet on strings held by religion.

Her father was once part of the Church Inquisition, and was on a mission to completely annihilate a 'heretic' village harboring an artifact the church wanted. And of course her father couldn't really take the bloodbath, so during the mission he ended up saving a baby girl, named Celestine(name came out of the mother's last dying breath) and the artifact the church wanted. Known as either, the Angel's Feather, or the Demon's Fang.

Then her father flees off, becomes a 'father' in a church in some remote village and raises this girl he rescued.

Then the girl lives a pretty normal life, becomes precocious due to a single parent-ness and the village is like one big family. Then the village gets attacked by bandits but passing knights come and save the day. If they didn't, ex-Inquisitor dad would have kicked their sorry asses anyway. But then hence sparks a childhood dream of being a knight. She ends up starting off training as a Page in some knight academy, and her father decides to give her the artifact before she sets off to some city somewhere before being accepted as a Squire. And eventually due to some insubordinateness, recklessness but never the less heroic, she got recognized and eventually became a full fledged knight.

Then she decides to go back home one day after getting a break and her village is ablaze, everybody is dead and a few Inquisitors are left, mopping up the mess, a bit pissed that whatever they were sent for wasn't there.

She goes nuts, the Inquisitors scoff and one of them fights her one on one.... and gets killed. Hah.

Then the rest start going on her, and she's totally screwed and the artifact her father gave her... awakens. Her armour and sword are drastically transformed and with her new demonic strength, she whups their asses. Then she's.... out for revenge.

In a bit of a blind way of course. Traveling around, slaying clergymen she deemed corrupt. Evading the Inquisition.

Eventually she gets confronted by an 'Inquisitor' who promptly kicks her ass and smacks her around a bit. That Inquisitor is a Judge. The mythical high rank in the Church that most don't even believe. The hands of the Pope. If the Inquisitors rooted out heresy everywhere, the Judges rooted out heresy within the Church. Nobody but the Pope and other Judges know each other. Supposedly anyway. This Judge is definitely hiding something. And well the Judge decides to focus her goals and make use of her.

On another hand, the crown prince is a bit pissed at his useless father, the church's power abuse and is working with an underground sect within the Monarch, the Royal Assassins. And they are interested in Celestine as well. They decide to make contact with her and 'aid' her.

So Celestine is stuck in a limbo between this Judge, and the secret Royal conspiracy. So instead of running around blindly, Celestine decides to make use of her resources and aid these factions in the ultimate destruction of the church.

The Church itself has some weird goal involving the Angel's Feather/Demon's Fang.

I need to think about it some more. Its kinda a revamp of an older story I made. But that one got complicated and the heroine ended up less interesting than the 'villain'.

Author:  Zaxares [ May 15th, 2007, 6:51 am ]
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Sounds like an intriuging story so far. I'm guessing you plan to make it into an episodic story rather than a feature length one?

Author:  Dei [ May 15th, 2007, 7:56 am ]
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I don't think any woman has ever been a protagonist in such a broody story. Is the crown prince going to have a romance with Celestine?

Author:  Storm_Shinobi [ May 15th, 2007, 10:56 am ]
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If I ever make anything out of it, I don't think feature length will be long enough to cap everything.

I don't plan on the crown prince having too much of an impact on Celestine. They will cross paths but won't really have a relationship. Not sure if I want her to have a romantic interest even.

Originally Celestine was a not so dark character called Lia. Well the story rolled along except there was no artifact and Lia was the last of some clairvoyant tribe, and well the church came to kill this traitor which was her father. And it happened so, it was Lia's lover who killed her father. Then things get messy and her lover eventually finds out about the church's deep corruption and decides there is no god and.... tries to create one. But that story takes the focus off Lia totally and well, I just had no idea what to do with it in the end XD

Lia, the White Rose.

So this is the rebirth. Maybe when the dust clears, Celestine will find a good man and settle down somewhere.....

I am planning on shoving Lia into the story as a cameo if I ever make anything out of it. A mercenary knight who fights Celestine for the bounty on the head, but somehow they fight equally and in the end leave each other alone out of respect....

I'll have to plot something for Lia some other time. But for now Celestine takes the role in the corrupt church story.

I did have an idea of an episode of something where she settles down somewhere for a bit, waiting for something to happen before she can take action. And she ends up getting along with some guy, but in the end it doesn't quite work out since she still has her goals and personal mission.

I think I'll worry about the Judge's design next rather than more confusing story implications.

Author:  42317 [ May 15th, 2007, 12:36 pm ]
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It seems your story already has a lot of thought in it.
Keep working and I might end up reading a fantasy story with joy.
Actually, I'm more of a "dark future + mercenary" type.

Author:  Storm_Shinobi [ May 31st, 2007, 12:35 pm ]
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Drew them in pointless lectures.
Autumn's Cradle!! I think I posted an older version of these before.


A story about a budding novelist, life, family conflict and a rather ephemeral friend. She, Aeryn, either has a 6th sense or.... is a schizo. Although I don't plan on revealing the truth :3

Author:  Storm_Shinobi [ July 6th, 2007, 2:19 pm ]
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I always jump ship on my concepts :P

Basically one day, a long time ago I was like.... if I were to make a game, what would it be? Formulating it all together, it was gonna be some whacked up 3rd Person Shooter that messes with classic Fables and Fairy Tales and stuff. And only now I actually decided to draw something for it. Basically it'd be simple, theres heroes and theres villains and they all clump up together in this crossover thats.... beat out of proportion.

Anyway I'm gonna... rant alot.


The 'Little Red Riding Hood'. Agent Hood. Close Combat Specialist, with expertise in various other combat fields. Your multi purpose special forces person. Gender is ambiguous.
I was trying to go for a kinda military combat gear look, but maybe I got a bit too carried away with the random satchels. Signature weapons would be two machetes. And a modular assault rifle that I couldn't be assed to design. Something like the XM8 or FN SCAR I suppose. Whether I rip off real life guns or use my own designs is... yet to be known. I don't really know how to draw guns that well. Well I just stuck an MP-5k in his hand for the shit of it. And he can generally use whatever the hell he picks up.
Well he'd(or she, who knows?) is the protagonist. If this were to ever exist, you'd play as Agent Hood. Part of a Good Guys alliance, where the headquarters is a dirty room in a roach filled motel.... where a TV with a pop art man gives overdramatic orders.... and somehow they'd find their high tech gear in random other motel rooms. To bash the original story, he'd have to deliver a computer chip to 'Grandma' in a high tech weapons research facility currently being besieged by the Big Bad Wolf Army. And said chip will bring the defense systems of said facility online. Assisting him here will be of course the 'Woodcutter'. Who is a big muscular shirtless Scotsman with a chainsaw in one hand and a machine gun in the other.


Alice from.... Alice in Wonderland. When all else fails, send 14-year old Japanese girls. Stealth, Scout, Recon, and Sniper are her fortes. Will be equipped with a crappy pistol sidearm, combat knife and well.... sniper rifles. Sniper rifles would be something like the H&K PSG1. Or to put it simply, a semi auto sniper, 10-20 rounds, blah. And of course an anti-materiel sniper. A .50 BMG Barrett model or something. Probably bolt action, but I've looked around on gun websites and the semi-auto XM500 looks kinda cool.
The general idea behind the design is combat gothloli. Flak jacket, boots, belt with stuff, coupled with.... gothloli stuff. Frilly mantle, frilly headgear and frilly skirt. Not entirely practical but I'm sure more practical than other gun toting gothlolis out there. I'll have to draw her with her mantle on sometime.
Well to bash on the story.... Wonderland is basically a giant Casino. Which of course is run by a criminal syndicate led by the so called Queen of Cards. Under it, theres like a weapons factory, a crazy biotech drug manufacturing facility led by none other than the Mad Hatter.... and various other ridiculous things. And drug dealing, weapons smuggling and all kinds of crap goes down there. After Hood is done with his mission, he comes to assist Alice in taking this joint out.
Alice would be the only anime styled character. I'll try my hand at more western styles of drawing. Maybe something Marvel-esque to things less serious like... I don't know. Random not Marvel Cartoon Network stuff.

And later on, we'd hit Peter Pan, who leads a team of elite soldiers all packing flying suits of Power Armor equipped with giant machine guns and missile launchers. And Captain Hook is a Pirate with a missile launcher laden warship of retarded proportions. And it turns into a giant robot too. And somehow I'll have to bring Wendy into this..... Not sure how I'm gonna mess with things like Aesop's Fables....

Somehow the ultimate plot will be control of this 'Reality Engine', that is linked to the collective human consciousness that defines their world. And the Bad Guys plan to mess with it and change 'Reality' to their advantage.

Basically I'm getting a kick laying the foundations for this. Who knows, maybe I'll get somewhere with the design course I'm in and actually get hired as a game designer and end up making this. People can dream :P

Author:  42317 [ July 7th, 2007, 11:38 am ]
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Now we hit "Dark Mercenary" ground. Very nice.
I like that Alice in Wonderland spin-off especially, with Peter Pan's crack commando team and all... definitely a Manga I would read.

As for Agent Hood's assault rifle:
The HK 416 has a lot of options, but imho looks too American (as it was designed for US needs). Still it's pretty cool.
For the usual stunning Heckler & Koch designs, why don't you take at the G36 family. Not cheap, but technically the best on the market. 8)

Whereas the Heckler & Koch MP5K is a cool piece of killing tool, it's already outdated:
If it doesn't automatically you can switch to English in the upper right corner.
The little pictures below the bigger one will give you slightly different angles for details. :D

Author:  Storm_Shinobi [ July 8th, 2007, 9:52 am ]
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For Alice, I think I'm set with the MSG-90 and XM500 as her sniper rifles. Although I'm a bit stuck for a pistol. Someone said gothlolis and derringers or old pistols like mausers go together.... but if shes stuck with nothing put a pistol and a combat knife for close quarters.... I think she needs something more solid. I was thinking of the H&K UCP or a FiveSeveN. The MP7 is looking like a nice choice about now, but for a sharpshooter, an SMG doesn't seem like that good of a fit. But whatever.

The MP7 does look kinda nice. Maybe I'll think about it. For the Assault Rifle, I'd likely go with the SCAR or something I suppose. But the MP7 and the 416 do look nice next to each other. Like a set.

Author:  Zaxares [ July 8th, 2007, 8:00 pm ]
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Well, if she's a sniper, she must not be doing a good job if she has to get into close quarter fighting. :P Personally I think a side-arm and a knife should be plenty for self-defense in case of an emergency.

Author:  Storm_Shinobi [ July 9th, 2007, 8:48 am ]
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I was kinda thinking, it doesn't hurt to be safe. But then you would look at it that way too, she's so good she doesn't really need heavy CQC crap.

Author:  42317 [ July 11th, 2007, 6:33 am ]
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Zaxares wrote:
Well, if she's a sniper, she must not be doing a good job if she has to get into close quarter fighting.

That's almost a good point. You can still present a commando/killer who is good at melee and sniping and everything in between, but actually I don't like characters who are good at everything. I mean, the perfect fighter is a boring hero to look at imho. You can only clubber him/her by means of psychological defects or something, and a character needs defects.
If s/he's psychologically stable, there should be something else - be it that s/he is a master marks(wo)man but a rather lousy melee fighter, which would open the option of a partner who watches the closer perimeters. That, in turn, allows a more varied evolution of personality due to comradery or conflict or what have you.
Just a suggestion.

Author:  Storm_Shinobi [ July 12th, 2007, 11:31 pm ]
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If I'm planning to make this into a game, for multiplayer purposes(if this ever gets made, the characters will be playable after certain achievements, something like Star Wars Battlefront, otherwise you're stuck with Grunt units....), there'd need to be some balance issues, so a shitty handgun is good enough for her then.

I'll just make it so her weakness is handling burst fire weapons or something....

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