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 Post subject: Eden no Ori (Cage of Eden)
PostPosted: September 26th, 2011, 1:41 am 
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I haven't been much of a manga person for several years now. That all changed when I got my smartphone and I've stumbled upon an app in the Android Market called Mango, which allows you to read manga online and download manga into your phone. At first, I thought this app was gonna be a piece of shit, but surprisingly it works smoothly and the quality of the scans are superb as mobile. One day when I was checking out some titles on Mango, I found a manga that took me totally by surprise because it was one of the few series that actually suited my interests. Literally!

OK, onto the synopsis!...provided by ANN of course (laziness ftw!).

Eden no Ori(Cage of Eden) by Yoshinobu Yamada

Akira & his classmates are returning from a class trip when their plane crashes on an small island in the middle of nowhere. Being separated from the plane during the crash, Akira begins his search for his friends and the plane with which he hopes landed intact with their lives spared. Meanwhile, the passengers who survived the crash have their own problems, the island is occupied by creatures thought to be extinct, in addition, their only means of contacting help, the planes radio, was damaged in the crash. The situation becomes dire as some are eaten alive and others kill in desperation & fear. Bringing his friends together along with other passengers from the plane, their fight for survival begins not with living day to day, but but trying to stay off the menu.

It's pretty much the manga equivalent to Lost, except not as intelligent, but certainly much, much more interesting.

Here's the cast of characters:
-Sengoku Akira: The main protagonist of the story, who is not surprisingly, a spiky-haired, brash, and rather high-spirited.

-Akagami Rion: Akira's childhood friend. She's the typical female protagonist, cheerful, angry when need to be, helpful and is the main love interest of Akira.

-Arita Kouhei: Akira's best friend. He's pretty much the most popular guy in his school and is a smooth operator in certain situations.

-Mariya Shirou: The nerdy one of the bunch. Being a prodigy, he always carries a laptop with him and knows a lot about prehistoric fauna and flora.

-Oomori Kanako: The air stewardess, who is rather clumsy and big-breasted. But she does have knowledge in first-aid. Prominent source of fanservice (along with Rion), btw.

-Yarai Kouchi: A troubled student who is a skilled fighter and genius. He's basically the mysterious badass.

-Zaji Kazuma: The tan-skinned pervert of the group, who also has a strong sense of loyalty.

There are many more characters in the series, but I'm just gonna mention the main ones since I'm only on volume 3 right now.

What makes Eden no Ori great is that not only is it done well, but it features prehistoric mammals and other extinct fauna from various periods of time. Many lost world stories would feature dinosaurs in them, but Eden no Ori was brave enough to use prehistoric mammals (and other creatures) instead, which there are many species are weird and/or terrifying. Of course there's the saber-toothed cat (Smilodon fatalis), the giant ground sloth (Megatherium americanum), the flightless, carnivorous bird Diatryma (Gastornis parisiensis); but it also features Andrewsarchus mongoliensis(which maybe the largest carnivorous land mammal to have ever lived), Ambulocetus natans (a crocodile-like mammal that is the ancestor of whales), Arsinoitherium zitteli (an amphibious, two horned rhinoceros-like mammal that is closely related to elephants and manatees), and much more. What amazes me is that this is the first time multituberculates, a group of primitive rodent-like mammals that lived from the Middle Jurassic to the Early Oligocene, were featured in popular culture. For an obscure, extinct group of mammals, it's a wonderful thing to get mentioned to the public (paleomammalogists will be pleased!). In real life, these critters aren't the prettiest looking, but in Eden no Ori, they are adorable!

Oomori and Ptilodus...


Fanservice and multituberculates? Hell has suddenly frozen over... :nose:

OK, time to give out my opinion on this series. So far, Eden no Ori is a pretty good series. It has a lot of action, suspense, drama and fun. However, this series might not appeal to everyone since it does contain fanservice, but it's tolerable for the most part (IMHO, but if you disagree, that's fine too), and it doesn't offer anything to anyone who has a high standard tastes in manga. Also, there are a few glaring paleontological inaccuracies in it and I could ramble on and on about them, but I imagine any of you would be willing enough to read them in confusion, would you? :P I recommend it to anyone who is just looking for an entertaining series or a hardcore fan of paleontology or all things extinct.

There are currently 13 volumes and it's still ongoing.

Sailor Senshi and Gamera are a great mix together. :3

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