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Author:  G-Core [ August 13th, 2009, 11:59 am ]
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42317 wrote:
G-Core wrote:
Top 5 Universal Studios Florida Rides


Please don't shoot me Mr. Ghostface, I WANNA BE IN THE SEQUEL!!! :shock: :sweat:

Author:  Fresnokila [ December 11th, 2009, 10:29 am ]
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Your post reminds me there's going to be a Scream 4...damn need for another one (unless its gory as hell :lol2: ...that's if hell is gory...what would I know?)

Top 5 influential games!!!:Games which you think had the most impact upon the gaming world...even if they're not your favorite games (like my number 2)

1.Super Mario Bros (Nes):Should I really explain this one?..haha..this game brought the industry back on its feet..not to mention Mario turned into one of the most famous characters around (seriously...who doesn't know Mario?)...all 2-D platformers which followed were after its perfect formula!...

2.Grand Theft Auto 3 (PS2):I picked this game because it made the whole open world sand-box thingy...which was (I imagine) innovative back than..just to be able to do what you want in a huge a car...a motorcycle...punch people or shoot them...maybe try to escape the army...while continuing the main story whenever you felt like (if I remember correctly) may not be one of my favs...but it felt good just to run around...steal a car..and pass over the person you stole it from :booyah:

3.Street Fighter 2 (Arcade):Yes there was one before it...but have you played it?'s hard to control and hard to beat...
Ah but when part 2 came out it gave the whole fighting genre a kick start...
I was one of them waiting in line to play...or just watching someone was equally fun for me...especially if they used Chun-Li...oh how I loved her back than :wuv:
Oh and Guile is the one I would use to beat you sorry it on!!! :gatsu:

4.Resident Evil 4 (GC):Ha get it...4 for Resident Evil 4?...hahahaha...umm no?...
Anyways...this is my favorite series up to now (making me buy part 5 when I don't even own a PS3)...I especially love the RE remake for the GC and Zero....but part 4 changed everything and all the games that followed even other companies use there over the shoulder camera...because its just perfect where it is...not to mention context sensitive gameplay even during cutscenes...don't drop that controller to take a sip while watching them might end up spilling your drink when you realize you have to press L + R to avoid a knife during a cutscene...
These things can now be seen in lots of you RE4!

Now for 5..having a hard time coming up with 5..I mean so many good games which had an impact on the gaming Metroid with its open-ended worlds (which Castlevania than mimicked on the PS1) and well...I guess I chose GTA3 for that... I've read...a game ahead of its time...
Final Fantasy 6 or better yet Dragonquest...Tetris...Doom...etc....
But I think I know which one for number 5...

5.Super Mario 64 (N64):All 3-D games owe it to Mario showed how it was done correctly...and was fun too..ha..not to mention it retained all which makes Mario fun...
Not only a full 3-D game...but it also introduced the analog stick...and taught all future 3-D games that its a must to be able to control your camera :lol2: ... Luigi in site (thats where Mario 64 DS comes in..haha)..

And lets make sure this stays 5 a day (stares a G-Core) :ninja:

Author:  wolfwood [ December 12th, 2009, 12:54 pm ]
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Top 5 influential games!!!
Tough one for me Fresno, I'm not a gamer, but I think I have at least a clue:

1. Super Mario Bros. Who hasn't played this!!!

2. Prince of Persia: I'm referring to the very first one. The one created around 1990 or so. I've loved the franchise since then.

3. FIFA 1997: In my world there is only one room for sport games: football!! (soccer). And this being the breakthrough of the franchise has to be definitely the most influential one. It converted many of us to FIFA loving "gamers". BTW, FIFA 10 is outstanding.

4. Wii: I guess the whole platform should be considered for what it means. It converted gaming into a family thing where everyone can play and laugh.

5. Mortal Kombat!!! oh yea, at the beginning my parents wouldn't let me play it! but I managed to somehow.

Author:  G-Core [ December 13th, 2009, 9:53 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Top 5 of the day!!!

Top 5 Influential Games
1. Super Mario Bros. - Well deserving of the number one spot, this game's addiction level most probably rivals that of Pac-Man, the interest in getting past levels kept players attentive in coordinating their jumping at the right time in order to stomp on the Goombas or dogde incoming arrows and fire balls. At the end, you defeat a monster and earn a kiss from a princess. Is there any better reward than that...?

2. Super Mario 64 - When it debuted on the N64, it took the Mario concept and took it to newer and more exciting directions with the help of 3-D graphics. The desire of many interested gamers to collect all 120 stars, defeat Bowser, and save the princess kept us hooked for hours and besides getting the customary princess kiss, they threw in a nice little bonus: a cake that the princess was cooking up just for you!!! That was the reason Mario was going to her castle in the first place. A princess kiss and a cake... For 120 stars and 3 duels with Bowser, Mario cannot say he didn't enjoy every crumb of it! :mrgreen:

3. Sonic Adventure - The first Sonic game for the Dreamcast took Sonic and basically expanded his A-game in all aspects with the help of 3-D and voices for the characters. Playing the game certainly was an addictive hobby of mine at the time and beating the character adventures kept me going for hours. This game also marked the official debut of Ryan Drummond as the voice of Sonic the Hedgehog and little did anyone know then how he would become part of one of the most debated to death questions on the net concerning who is the better Sonic voice actor: him or Jason Griffith.

4. Pac-Man - As i said before, the addiction level of this 1980 gemstone was one that was very high. So high that it could be considered a vice, but in a good way. Constantly testing youself to see how far you can go eating up all the dots before the ghosts get ya certainly had me testing myself to see just how far i could do it before my lives ran out. For the record, i have lasted 4 levels at maximum.

5. Pokemon - IMO, this list wouldn't be complete without it. It was a very addictive game, the ability to battle against trainers and gym leaders and capture 151 Pokemon (at the time it came out, also counting Mew) was a mission that had many of us training our Pokemon to their maximum capacity as well as catching new Pokemon with our Poke Balls. The introduction of the cable used to trade Pokemon with another player definitely gave it an interactivity that is rare for a Game Boy title at that time.

Author:  Fresnokila [ December 13th, 2009, 8:14 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Top 5 of the day!!!

I have to agree with Pac-man....Mortal Kombat...Pokemon and Prince of Persia..all games which influenced a lot the industry...but this is a top 5 so I had limitations..hahaha...

Author:  G-Core [ January 17th, 2010, 5:01 pm ]
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Top 5 Reasons to Resurrect This Topic:
1. It's fun.
2. People come up with interesting suggestions, depending personal tastes.
3. It's been a very long time since anyone wrote new stuff.
4. We need other diversions in this board.
5. If this topic wasn't resurrected, it would've gone off way too deep to the second page of threads.

Have fun! :D :booyah:

Author:  Fresnokila [ January 19th, 2010, 1:39 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Top 5 of the day!!!

Ha well....umm...let's see....

Your top 5 electronic gadgets or thingy...or device..etc

1.Samsung Behold II-Of course there are better cellphones than this one..ha...but since I had Behold I...I decided to get II...just to follow-up :sweat:
And Android cellphones are cool....

2.Archos 605-This one is old though (there's now Archos 9...or was it 10?)....but I still like it...its like a small hard drive except with a screen...where you can watch movies...hear music...see pics...etc...(though in these days my friends little girl kind of threw it on the floor and now my comp won't recognize it =.=)

3.The Control Remote-Yes...we all love the control probably sit on the couch with like 5 of them around for everything including your game consoles :shifty:

4.Philips DVD Player with USB-I love it in so many ways...first of all its Divx compatible..and since it also has a USB port you can connect your cellphone or external hard-drive to watch whatever you have on it :d^_^b: (kind of what the PS3 does but for like 50 bucks)...besides just burning all those divx movies on a dvd and watching them there...and I don't promote piracy :sarcasm:

5.Super Nes/Nes Console-Don't remember where I got this (actually someone bought it for me as a gift...poor girl..I never threw her out...I just wanted her out on her own :shifty: )...but it plays both real Super Nes and Nes cartridges...and since its brand new...almost all games play without you having to blow on them :lol2: (So thank you girl...and please stay away :0:-): )

Author:  42317 [ January 19th, 2010, 2:04 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Top 5 of the day!!!

Fresnokila wrote:
thank you girl...and please stay away :0:-): )

You want her to stay away from you and yet you accept presents from her? That's immoral imho. :|

Author:  Fresnokila [ January 21st, 2010, 6:47 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Top 5 of the day!!!

Thats inhumane indeed...

Come on I was just joking to see what responses I got :P2:

Kind of like "so whats the story behind that fresno?"...and I would go on and tell it :boohoo:

Though I don't see it like a story to tell here :shifty:

If curious me :gatsu:

Author:  G-Core [ January 21st, 2010, 7:57 pm ]
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Top 5 Ninja Warrior Stage One Obstacles
5. Sextuple Step - For most, it's an easy one to get through and also a fun one to watch. I personally never comprehend how some actually fall in on that one. Usually it's the competitors that aren't really there to compete as much as show off their eccentric personalities that make them a hit with fans who like that... Not me, since i only like competitors who take the course seriously.

4. Jumping Spider - While not TOO exciting, it does require perfect timing on jumps and great endurance on the hands and feet. Just one misstep and you're gonna go down no matter what trick you try to recover your position.

3. Balance Bridge - Always a suspenseful one, the Balance Bridge requires one to be quick on their feet if they want a guaranteed victory over that one. Slow and steady doesn't work here for if you go with that method, you'll have to really prove your balance when the bridge starts to wobble and move downwards. Slow and steady also can use up a lot of time you could've used to get to the end and sound the red buzzer.

2. Jump Hang - Once again, perfect timing on the jump is required to make it to the rope. But the kicker is once you grab on, seeing if you can keep your grip or take a plunge... A real test of suspense and endurance. Also, quickness is needed to get down and out of the rope net since it's one of the final obstacles and unless you're quick at climbing the final rope, no way will you beat the timer in the quest to press the red buzzer. I always figure if you have at least 20 seconds left by the time you're past that one and a speedy one at climbing the final rope, there should be no problem.

1. Warped Wall - Probably the most difficult of all the Stage One obstacles, i admire this one for the fact that even if you're not the tallest, once you have a good grip on both of your hands in attempting the jump to the top, there's no problem at all. But if you miss even once, you may as well call it a day since you'll waste time attempting it which is time you could've used on the other final obstacles. Speed and analyzing the jump are key in making sure one clears it with no difficulties.

Author:  42317 [ March 23rd, 2010, 11:04 am ]
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The five most horrifying bugs in the world.

The Schmitt Sting Pain Index
Note the gourmet-like descriptions. :sweat:

Author:  Fresnokila [ April 12th, 2010, 10:19 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Top 5 of the day!!!

Fearsome indeed! :shock:

Author:  G-Core [ May 5th, 2010, 5:03 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Top 5 of the day!!!

Top 5 Worst Music Celebrities
5. Kevin Federline: I'm sure you're wondering by now why he isn't further up the list?! Well, he may be famous for marrying Britney Spears and the infamous "Popozao" track, but damn at least his beats on that crapfest were addicting enough for me to not hate his lack of talent TOO much.

4. Ashlee Simpson: It's pretty damn clear Jessica had all the musical talent in the family even before the whole lip synching situation came into play. She was just riding on her sister's coattails, most people would buy her music solely because she's Jessica's younger sister, and going so far as to actually blame the band for the lip synching... How the hell can a drummer have the ability to make something happen that you did yourself?! Then using the acid reflux defense, girl just admit you haven't been eating much because female pop idols gotta look like anorexic twits in the public eye already! Stop taking so much of beloved Papa Joe's advice and make a name for YOURSELF without all the family help. Well, i guess she started that path by marrying a Fall Out Boy...

3. Lady Gaga: I know i'm most probably gonna come under fire for putting her on the list, but come on! You really didn't expect me to skip her, did you? Her whole extreme look ain't fooling me and how she has so many fans is a miracle, seeing how basically she looks like a drag queen who had a ton of plastic surgery to look "nice".

2. The Jonas Brothers: South Park pretty much put them in their place. If it wasn't for Disney, they wouldn't be famous and be making so much crappy music that makes little girls' ginies tickle and making so much money for Disney. The whole "purity ring" fad makes me want to puke, such a cheap ass gimmick and i wish the real Mickey Mouse would beat them to a bloody pulp.

1. Justin Beiber: I don't know where the hell he came from, what song made him famous, and for that matter WHY he is even famous to begin with. Seems like every day now i can't have a day without seeing a Justin Beiber article. If it's a complete mystery how some tween got so many little girls' ginies tickling, you know you got a disasterpiece that hopefully will fade away in less than a year's time.

Author:  Fresnokila [ May 6th, 2010, 9:50 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Top 5 of the day!!!

Hey Lady Gaga would be my number 1 worst celebrity....first for not even knowing if its a she or a he...hahaha!
Second...she's plain ugly.....and she's always looking for attention with her stupidity :whistle:

Also agree with Jonas Brothers haha...

Author:  PunkDaddy [ May 6th, 2010, 1:24 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Top 5 of the day!!!

G-Core wrote:
Top 5 Worst Music Celebrities
5. Kevin Federline
4. Ashlee Simpson
3. Lady Gaga
2. The Jonas Brothers
1. Justin Beiber

Is this evaluating their music skills or just how stupid and horrible they are? If it is music skills, I'd probably replace Lady Gaga. I can't stand to look at her but her music isn't that terrible... I'd also be tempted to add in Kanye West because I don't like his music and he has no brain. I can't really complain about your selection or your logic, however, I think the number one worst music celebrity should be:

YOKO ONO (warning, she does "sing" in this video)- Not only did she have delusions of being able to sing, but she helped break up the Beatles!

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