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Author:  Fresnokila [ May 12th, 2009, 2:19 am ]
Post subject:  Top 5 of the day!!!

Yes I'm freaking bored and since I see the top ten disappeared why not make a top 5 of the day?
Like today lets make it the...

Top 5 Worst Games You Have Played:

1.Dirge of Cerberus (PS2)-pure is it possible you see Vincent jumping over buildings with ease..yet when you have a fence blocking your way you must find a way around it...ha...besides that its just plain horrible...

2.Super Monkey Ball:Banana Blitz (Wii)-the single player is not so bad...but I got this game with much promise of 80 mini-games (multi-player) to play with all the mini-games had the worst controls imaginable....nothing responded well....

3.Star Ocean:Till The End of Time (PS2)-I love all rpg's mostly...not matter what...but this freaking game was all talk....yes...talking is a core element in rpg' was all there was in the game...scenes after scenes...after bored me to hell....

4.Turok (GC)-forgot the exact name but it was the Turok game for that generation of systems...I loved Turok and Turok 2 for the N64...2 being fav..also played 3...but this one...this one was horrible...especially the load could go have 3 babies and it was still loading...

5.Ghostbusters (Atary 2600 I think it was)-this damn freaking game..everytime I was doing everything right...that damn marshmellow man cam running down and erasing everything...and I had to go do all again....damn that game!!!

Well...there you go...I had others but those are good for now...

Author:  Gojira [ May 12th, 2009, 2:47 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Top 5 of the day!!!

In no particular order...

1. Clayfighter 63 1/3 (N64)- This fighting game was so terrible is so many levels, it's not even funny. Not only it had bad graphic and gameplay, but the sound is absolutely atrocious and annoying to listen to. Not even talented voice actors Charlie Adler, Jim Cummings and Frank Welker could have save this piece of crap from stinking ever worse.

2. Phantasy Star Universe (Xbox 360)- This game is just unbearable to play. The gameplay isn't all that bad, but the cutscenes and voice acting just make me want to cringe (nothing but English dubs, go figure). Avoid this game like a plague.

3. Killing Zone (PS)- It's like Clayfighter, but much, MUCH worse. I would rather claw my eyes out than playing this obscure turd of a game.

4. Custer's Revenge (Atari 2600)- I haven't really played this game, but I like to mention it anyway. Just the very idea of General George Custer all naked and raping a naked Native American woman tied to a cactus is not only repulsive and offensive, but incredibly retarded.

5. Most realistic sports and racing games- If I wanted to play sports games I would actually go outside and play them, cuz they're not only more fun, but also better for your health too. lol

That's all I can think of for now.

Author:  Mmsven [ May 12th, 2009, 3:38 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Top 5 of the day!!!

I tend to avoid crappy games but I've had my share of disappointments and impulse buys. I can't really remember crappy games without hearing their name specifically, so I probably could've added some worse games.

5. Sonic Heroes (ps2) - Jerky is the best way to put this game. Jerky, unresponsive, uninteractive, and with annoying sound.

4. Zelda Wind Waker (GC) - Very disappointing. The main problem is that it's incredibly boring. Boredom mainly settles in from the sailing mechanic, but there's also nothing intriguing added to this one. Ocarina of Time is a classic, and can be played off nostalgia. Majora's Mask employed some very cool ideas in the form of a dynamic world, useful collectibles, many secrets, and a stranger world. Wind Waker just seems like OOT with a boring sailing mechanic, some polish, and cel-shaded graphics which don't even look good to me. I've played this game for more than a few hours and I just don't like it at all, for reasons maybe unknown.

3. Jak 2 (ps2) - I suck at this game, but it's not my fault. This game is so frustrating I decided just to sell it before finishing it. Certain sequences are handled so poorly that I just wanted to tear my hair out. Most notably, the turret sequences are hard as hell, because of the huge acceleration-based movement which make it near impossible to line up your shot. The quickest way to line up the shot is to land your crosshair directly on the enemy without letting go of your movement. Also, the vehicles, my fucking god the vehicles. Jak 3 is much better fortunately.

2. World of Warcraft - The quests for the 2 hours I played were all "kill 3 <generic enemy>" and "collect 3 blades of grass so I can make some shit for you". The fighting is also barely functional and looks like runescape animation while your just waiting for it to end. I'm not a fan of MMORPG's, especially WoW. Level-grinding crap.

1. Littlebigplanet (ps3) - This game sucks. The platforming is floaty, the physics are glitchy, it's just plain boring, the graphics look like crap, and the controls suck ass. This game uses a 3-plane system where you jump over to get through the environment. It can be disorienting sometimes, but the biggest flaw is that you can't use the Dpad in this game, because its used for face emotions. It's easy to accidentally jump planes because the fucking stick is sensitive. Also, the graphics: Washed out colors, around 576p resolution, and some crappy models. This game is overrated and overhyped to fucking hell. I'd much rather play Hercules, that game is over 10 years old and it's better than this piece of shit.

Author:  42317 [ May 12th, 2009, 2:43 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Top 5 of the day!!!

I dunno whether I can come up with so many... because I tend to forget stuff that I did not like unless I see it again... hm... there's

The Great Dalmuti
Damn card game. The players' performance decides the sitting order in the following round, so you have to change seats every few minutes to sit next to the person you have to exchange cards with.

Jan-Ken-Pon, aka. Rock-Paper-Scissors.
The one part about Japanese culture that pisses me off. I don't even have rational reasons to dislike the game, but whenever I was asked to do it I felt an array of negative feelings rising from my stomach...

Chikan Densha Otoko 2: Liner of Legend.
I won't have to repeat myself on this.

First-person-shooters on consoles.
If there's no lightgun I need a mouse. That limits the good stuff to the "Time Crisis" series imo.

It claims to be super strategic, but actually it's not much more than gambling. If you roll well, you win. If you don't, you're screwed.

(But: A 1996 PC and Playstation version offered an "Ultimate Mode" in which luck only plays a minor part as you rely more on tactical options, leader skills, weather conditions, and area types, plus you can not only play the standard world map... there's also Asia, Europe, and North America maps, which is pretty cool.)

Author:  dbd_addict [ May 13th, 2009, 9:14 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Top 5 of the day!!!

i cannot think of 5. but i do remember one game on the commodore 64.
i do not know the name, but the "first stage" requires you to move the joystick left and right as fast as possible in order to increase the pressure of your character who is trying to urinate on a man tied to a post. after you have successfully peed on the guy, the "next stage" requires you to somehow control a seagull to fly down from the heavens and defecate onto the same man tied to the post. i have never seen the "third stage" because it is impossible to do "stage two" after you have chafed your hands to a numbness that replace your arms with jello. i cannot believe me and my friend tried for what seemed like half an hour just to see what the hell comes after the bird poo... though i do remember cheering when we actually moved to the bird scene. if i remember correctly we probably achieved this no more than 3 times at the most!

god! were we ever bored!!!

there was another game with similar left and right, up and down motions. it was called something like "sex olympics". you get the idea. imagine 8-bit graphics and different positions...

oh yeah, ET on the atari2600. that makes 3! the first move i did, i fell into a pit. elogated my neck a couple times then proceeded to smash the control and ask god, "why?! why! why??!"

4. hmmm... i think i am out.
okay. honourable mention:
though i see the appeal, WoW did nothing for me. i spent about $20 to just do the /train action all the time. best money ever spent though. i have never laughed so much. being one of those tiny girl magicians doing that move as my friends are battling. my friend even gave me an account with 2 level 50 characters. i do see how the game could be fun, as i was addicted to diablo and diablo II. but to me, WoW was exactly how the angry mmsven states.

5. i have been playing quite a few s60 games on my phone, but i blazed through some crappy ones that i cannot even remember the premise. okay, this is kind of a given. deathrace 2000. i knew it would be crap but i tried anyway. sure enough. crap!

whew! 5! did it. that was hard.

EDIT: yes, i called that little WoW girl a magician and i just remembered she was a warlock. i still kept magician in there because it is more fitting...

Author:  Fresnokila [ May 13th, 2009, 11:56 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Top 5 of the day!!!

Ha we got everything from videogames to card games...
I was going to mention E.T. too....I remember falling a lot in those pits...but Ghostbusters was somewhat more frustrating...'s another Top 5 since it's another day *looks outside* a rainy day though...

Top 5 Websites You Visit:

1.Extratorrent-this is where I go for all my torrent downloads...of course I will get them on any other site...but I have this one bookmarked already...ha

2.Myspace-ha...another site I check as soon as I get up...mostly to see how bigger my mob has grown :gatsu:

3.Facebook-second to myspace in my opinion...just because of all the mess cluttered sometimes as soon as you login...but still...for some reason I like seeing new notifications..ha

4.Gametrailers-ha this is where I check whats new...only in trailer-form...ha...this way I can also download something if I like it and pass it to my cellphone to show to I did back than with the God of War trailer...since it can be downloaded in mp4...

5.Here-even though sometimes the traffic here seems null somedays...I still love posting here...I actually don't post anywhere else at the moment (not like back than where I went to like 5 message boards..actually put fresnokila on a search'd be surprised)

Author:  zero_chaos [ May 13th, 2009, 2:42 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Top 5 of the day!!!

Top Five Worst Games:

1.Superman(N64) A classic bad game, controls, graphics, everything you can imagine was so bad.

2.Dragonball Ultimate Battle 22(PS) I waited til they released the game in America so I only spent like $15, still that was too much. The controls were some of the worst I have ever played. Combos were impossible.

3.Mobile Suit Gundam(PS2) Bad because I liked a lot of the core elements to the game but how the missions were carried out and the controls made the game horrible.

4.Dragon Ball Z: Legendary Super Warriors (GB) It was a card battling game and a very hard one. I don't remember winning one single game. :boohoo:

5. Splinter Cell series. I am really bad at spy/stealth games. I do however recognize the series as being a well designed game series.

Top Five Websites I Visit:

1. Demonoid. Torrent site I get all my *cough* unlicensed material from.

2. Facebook. I enjoy keeping in touch with my friends.

3. Digg. Great social news site that keeps me up to date on various news around the web and world.

4. IMDB. A must for movie fanatics.

5. Here. This is the only forum I check daily. The others are mostly checked if bored or I need information on something.

Author:  Gojira [ May 13th, 2009, 3:39 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Top 5 of the day!!!

Here's my top 5 sites I visit everyday:

1. Animetric- Do I need to explain how awesome the site and the forums are? Plus, this place is civilized and everyone here is extremely nice. I love this place a lot. :wuv:

2. Elite Yuri Lovers- The best place on teh interwebz for all my shoujo-ai/yuri needs, mostly for shoujo-ai/yuri anime. Plus, everyone in the Shoutbox is fun to talk to, especially Lily Hime, which she's a hoot to talk with. :lol: Plus, I'm like the 3rd most popular member there too! :booyah:

3. Toho Kingdom Forums- This site can be love/hate site, depending on what's going on. I love the Fantasy Matches section because I think it's fun to debate who would win in a fighting match, but only if it's a good match. Sometimes, the members there can be dickheads at times, especially the few members that antagonize me (mostly Kane_Locke, Carnosaur Rex, gvamp, and Rogue). As long as I stay way from touchy subjects and stick with fun topics, I'm fine for the most part.

4. Dragon Cave- One word to describe this game. Addicting. And, oh take a look at my Scroll and you'll be impressed.

5. That Guy With the Glasses- Where I can view the latest reviews by the Nostalgia Critic, who is one of the best movie critics on the internet. There are other user videos that I also watch too, but I mainly watch Nostalgia Critic and Linkara's Atop the Fourth Wall.

Honorable Mentions: Something Awful, Bad, Manga Fox, Shoujo-ai Forums, The Monster Archives, Dinosaurnews, ANN, Youtube, Veoh, and Megavideo.

Author:  PrfsrSnapesAngel [ May 13th, 2009, 10:07 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Top 5 of the day!!!

Top 5 websites i visit:

1. Animetric - the only forum I check.

2. - the US International Movie Database they get all the updates on new movies coming out as well as trivia on the movies that I find interresting.

3. Rightstuf - Obvious reasons I love RightStuf.

4. MySpace - I don't visit every day but I do check up on my Myspace as frequently as i can.

5. Amazon - I find the best deals on there.

Author:  42317 [ May 14th, 2009, 1:11 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Top 5 of the day!!!

My top five pages:

1. Animetric Forums

2. Daily news sites like or Rhein-Zeitung news ticker.
Those are the first links I open in the morning.

3. YouTube... checking out my 19 subscriptions, mostly hanging out at myargonauts, JasonsinJapan or TaishaJason. He's got great information about daily life and school life in Japan and has devoted a great deal of time to thorough information about how to apply to and take part in the Japan Exchange & Teaching Program (JET).

Then there's a big gap... followed by (4.) ANN, maybe, and I have to check with (5.) several dictionary sites daily, if that counts.

Last year and the year before I could have enumerated a bunch of porn sites that offered free sample videos, but I'm not checking these anymore, they have becomer boring... the only one left in that field would be Girls Blue (Teigaku)... if you like the Joshik├┤sei genre... this is the site where they advertise what's new, so you get a few sample pictures, and some are pretty good. :mrgreen:

Author:  Fresnokila [ May 14th, 2009, 7:47 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Top 5 of the day!!!

Interesting...though I had to look up the word (which by than I noticed their uniforms in each pic...haha...but the pics aren't clickable...I'm assuming you must be a member)...I usually go to badjojo for porn...since it's like youtube :lol2:

Author:  Fresnokila [ May 15th, 2009, 1:28 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Top 5 of the day!!!

Ha I don't have to start the daily 5...whoever is up before me is welcomed to do the top 5 and we'll follow :lol2:

Top 5 movies:

1.Braveheart (US)-well I'm pretty sure almost all of you have seen this at least 2/3 of you must agree its a great film...the battles...the betrayal..I enjoy watching this movie :gatsu:

2.Oldboy (Korean)-well its my fav korean movie for's plain old revenge...but done in a sweet may have some disturbing themes maybe for some people...but its still quite enjoyable :whistle:

3.Premonition (Japan)-now don't confuse this with the american Premonition...which seeing by the trailers (never seen the american Premonition) has nothing to do with this movie...this is one of my fav movies which is a bit like Final Destination if I would to compare...just by seeing the first few mins (and the first death) is enough to get your interest (ha who am I?..I feel like I'm selling this movies) :sweat:

4.Suicide Club (Japan)-this is a very unsettling movie and even disgusting at some points (it has driven some of my friends away)...but I for sure love it...ha...I would like to recommend this one of all the ones of my list for the next movie for you to watch...if you haven't seen it yet :d^_^b:

5.Lucky Slevin-ha well had some trouble looking for a number 5..I have so many others I love to watch over and over...but I guess I wanted to have something less gritty than the rest on my list (even though it still has its kills and whatnot)'s just fun to watch...nothing more to say :booyah:

Author:  42317 [ May 15th, 2009, 3:33 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Top 5 of the day!!!

Fresnokila wrote:
Interesting...though I had to look up the word (which by than I noticed their uniforms in each pic...haha...but the pics aren't clickable...I'm assuming you must be a member)...I usually go to badjojo for porn...since it's like youtube :lol2:

I'm no member... how could I afford that?
You probably clicked the wrong links... there is one line that says "Girls' Blue Gallery / New Girl", containing eight models. If you click those you'll be given a number of free jpg samples. Up to 80 pics in eight sliders, with a new slider added to each profile every few days or so. "Complete Gallery" and "Ranking" models have become locked and are for paying members only. For your money you'll get hi-res movie files and hundreds of photos - per model. But I'm not that desperate. :sweat:

My personal top 5 movies... that's hard to decide. I'll name five of my favorite movies that come to my mind... but I would have a hard time deciding on the concrete TOP 5.

1. "The Lord of the Rings" Trilogy... I can watch it twice a year without getting bored...

2. The old "Star Wars" trilogy

3. "Das Boot"... great book, great movie...

4. A movie called "Double Trouble" in the anglophone hemisphere... I've seen it about twenty times... even backwards once... :lol2:

5. Watership Down, also backed by a great book, by Richard Adams.

Author:  Gojira [ May 15th, 2009, 4:38 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Top 5 of the day!!!

Here's my top five and in no particular order.

1. Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla (1974)- My favorite movie of the Godzilla series. Had great battle scenes, cheesy yet interesting story and has a catchy soundtrack. Here's a sample of the music from the movie and tell me how groovy it sounds 8) . Also, (IMO) this was the first movie to introduce the whole "robot covered in organic tissue" concept, 10 years before The Terminator (1984) did.

2. King Kong (2005)- This movie never gets old for me and it stays true to the original 1933 film. Granted, it was a 3 hour long movie, but I don't mind that a bit. The casting was pretty great, the special effects were stunning and the direction was fantastic. Also, I liked how Kong showed more emotion than the original did and Andy Serkis (the guy who played as Gollum from Lord of the Rings) did an excellent job portraying as Kong too (I bet you didn't know that fact :P :lol: ). I have to say it's Peter Jackson's best movie he has done so far, IMHO.

3. The Big Lebowski (1998)- This movie is so weird, it's hilarious. The characters seemed real to me, which is why I thought it was so funny. It never gets old.

4. Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991)- Best. Action. Sci-fi. Movie. Ever. Nuff said.

5. The Land Before Time (1988)- I loved it ever since I was a wee lad. This animated movie by Don Bluth is just beautiful in every aspect and one of the few movies that still make me cry every time I see it, especially the death of Littlefoot's mother. It was both dark and heartwarming at the same time, and the animation was just gorgeous. It shall have a special place in my heart forever.

Honorable Mentions:
Ray Harryhausen's movies
Planet of Dinosaurs
The Last Dinosaur
Jurassic Park series
Alien series
Predator series
Star Wars (both old and new trilogies)
The Lord of the Rings Trilogy
The Evil Dead Trilogy
Friday the 13th series (except for 1 and 5, which don't have Jason Voorhees in them)
The Godzilla series
Most of Toho's movies
Akira Kurosawa's movies
The Gamera Trilogy
The Dark Knight
Troll 2 (so bad it's hilarious XD)
Princess Mononoke
Spirited Away
Howl's Moving Castle
X the Movie
Miyuki-chan in Wonderland (well, it's a 2-part, 30 min OVA, but it counts as a short film in my book)
Watership Down

That's all I can think of atm. I'll definitely update this list later! That's for sure! :wink:

Author:  Mmsven [ May 15th, 2009, 6:04 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Top 5 of the day!!!

5. The Land Before Time
4. Who Framed Roger Rabbit
3. Pirates of the Caribbean
2. Back to the Future II
1. A Clockwork Orange

I can't remember much when it comes to movies. I haven't looked into them for a long time.

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