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 Post subject: Getsumen Toheiki Miina
PostPosted: January 19th, 2009, 8:09 pm 
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In a not too distant future, mankind has made contact with a leporid species of sports fanatics.
Driven by their desire to take part in terrestrial sports events in a (in their opinion) promising and fun way they illegally enter competitions and contests, sometimes wreaking havoc upon athletes and their supporters alike.

To fight the aliens' illegal influence there exists a squadron of so-called Miinas: A loosely organized group of rabbit-themed magical girls of different ages. The viewer follows the endeavors of 16yo sports newscaster-in-training Tsukuda Mina and her alter ego Tsukishiro Miina, how she struggles to do both jobs - being a journalist for SpoLuna and saving the sports world before air time.

Being a spin-off of "Densha Otoko" these girls do not use Henshin (transformation) tools like all the other magical girls out there. Instead this Anime promotes the consumption of vegetables and fruits. Each Miina has her very own, like beets, blueberries, cherries, tomatoes, potatos, carrots, and so on, and can't use any other.
Of course the audience is presented a number of different mindsets and ages, ranging from about 10 to 25 (my wild guess). The most notable Miinas, apart from Tsukishiro (carrots), are Minazuki (tomato), Tamamushi (cherry), Satsuki (blueberries), and Ôtsuki (beets). There is a number of other Miinas (being referred to as "the Miinas of Japan", implying there are even more worldwide), but they do not appear more than once, during the final battle.

Other characters include Minas colleagues Suiren (the admired Senpai), Kiryû (a former Rugby player), Katô (SpoLuna's director), Onoue (the Producer), Suzuki (a studio hand of sorts), Escartin (the rival), and some friends from school of more or less importance.

This Anime never even attempts to create the illusion it was aimed at little girls, like so many other Mahô Shôjo series that are actually for adult otaku with one-tracked minds. "Getsumen Toheiki Miina" is so packed with fanservice there cannot be any doubt, and if you're an idealist or naive then take another look at the picture of Ôtsuki right above. That zipper of hers opens right down to her pubic bone, and it doesn't even end there - the slider can be pulled right past her crotch and as can be seen the so called bottom stop is eventually situated right below her rabbit tail.
Talk about openness. :nose:

Apart from that there's a bit of tentacle play, and I somehow suspect the inventor prefers butts. There are no significant appearances of legs, feet, or breasts (apart from Ôtsuki's of course). Actually, I cannot remember a single panty shot(?). Maybe they thought panty shots were so totally outdated that they didn't even try showing any.

It's definitely no masterpiece. Like Katô's sunglasses look like they were part of his skin most of the time...which is a bit disappointing.
A bigger disappointment is the handling of the character Haibara Minamo. I'm not spoiling anyone by saying that she is another Miina (Akiyama), because she appears in the opening sequence. Minamo appears again and again, doing yet another parttime job, so I assumed she was supervising Tsukishiro's development and would eventually and climactically appear as the one ally turning the tides when everything seems lost. But that's not the case.
Instead she doesn't seem to have a deeper meaning and appears "coincidentally", and finally, as Akiyama, along with a bunch of further Miinas who have never ever appeared in the series.

But there are some interesting surprises along the way about who is or was a Miina, so despite such weeknesses, it's fun to watch at least once.

The soundtrack is very nice, sung by HALCALI (opening: "Lights, Camera, Action") and Inoue Marina (ending: "Beautiful Story").
It was actually Inoue Marina who "lured" me into watching this (to noone's surprise I guess). Before my girlfriend pointed it out to me I didn't know it had anything to do with "Densha Otoko" because I had never paid attention to the opening (of the two episodes that I watched before I couldn't stand that jerk of a protagonist anymore).
The voice cast and its work is solid I guess. Kawasumi Ayako, the voice of Ôno Kanako and Mogi Natsuki returns, along with Minami Omi, whom I know best for her performance as Hyatt in "Excel Saga" and, secondarily, as Hoshino Ruri from "Nadesico". But they are the only ones I'd call "old acquaintances", the others being pretty unknown to me, although I do find roles that I liked when I look them up... with Inoue Marina standing out like an idol. She makes it all worth the while for me. :D

On a sidenote, I find it improper to transcribe the title as "Getsumen to Heiki Miina", which would be something in the likes of "The moon surface and Miina the weapon", but that's not it. Because the morpheme "to" used in this case is not the usual "to" = "and", but the Kanji which is most of the time pronounced "Usagi". Therefore it should be "Getsumen Toheiki Miina": "Miina, the rabbit weapon from the moon's surface". In other words, she is a reference to the legendary rabbit making rice cakes on the moon, like Tsukino Usagi 20 years ago. It's been that long already.

Writing this has taken some time so excuse me for not checking all the links.
If you discover any errors, please let me know.


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