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 Post subject: Kiddy Grade 2
PostPosted: June 2nd, 2007, 2:46 am 
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So, with the pilot all out, I would like to share some impressions. This thread can be latter used to discuss the ongoing series...

(beware, spoilers for season 1 ... that's obvious ... all over this thread)

I only watched the promo for season 1 after watching the series, and I was surprised on how much footage on the actual mysteries and hints for the end it gave. I can clearly say pretty much the same about pilot 2.

Pilot 2 shows us something went seriously wrong at Earth Orbit and all members of GOTT are dispatched (with the adition of at least 2 new characters, which are not named during the pilot but are clearly the "main" characters of season 2 ... mind you, they look exactly like Lumiere and Eclair, though it's obvious they are not them since they participated on the given crisis depicted at the pilot).

During the battle, something goes wrong with one of the gates and it seams pretty clear that the only way to shut it was to Eclair to kamizaze on it (reasons are obvious for anyone who watched last episode for KG, when we learn her inhuman powers). So ... Eclair dies to save the day, Lumiere is now alone (?), and we also can see at least 2 other GOTT pairs being killed in action, I don't quite remember their names, but it's those twins and Voila.

Now, for the obvious, shall we? they are not dead, we all know that, as the promo spent all much time to show them entering the gate and than the gate exploding. So, here it goes: later on KG2 I bet they (including Eclair) will show up. I wouldn't even doubt they throw in the usual "evil" twist: they appear to be evil, only for us to learn that they are right, the "heroes" that were ignorant yadda yadda.

I feel that KG2 plot will be quite dumb if it follows what the pilot shows, unless they really aim low at using the pilot just to "explain" their deaths and why they are not at season 2 ... but here goes again:

Why would they kill Eclair, and with her make Lumiere void? they were the driving force in Kiddy Grade series. Why would they even go as far as killing other members that were liked? (ok, they didn't kill off the tweedle's but that just to not get too obvious). And than, they add a new team that looks exactly like Eclair/Lumiere? that's either too dumb, or too obvious: dumb as in "let's switch the characters and make a new anime, but use the same sucess formula that their character designs had", or too obvious as in "let's kill the main characters as if we are starting a different series only to make them an important part of the series later".

Can anyone here remember a similar event in episode 15 of KG1, when the main characters died? duh

as I mentioned, too dumb or too obvious. If they wanted to make a new series with new characters, why spent so much time killing the previous characters?

As an Eclair/Lumiere lover, I hope it's too obvious, though since the new characters are a copy & paste out of them, I won't be really upset if it's for the too dumb. I love Megumi Kadonosono art, so I would watch KG2 even if it were the worst anime ever (the same way as I'm watching shitty Shinning Tears because of Tony Taka's art)


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