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 Post subject: Mouretsu Pirates
PostPosted: April 17th, 2012, 10:35 am 
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Or Bodacious Space Pirates.

Hard sci-fi about a high schooler who finds herself inheriting a pirate ship along with her crew.

Set far in the future where humanity has expanded out into space, Marika is a pretty ordinary high schooler who leads an ordinary life on a pretty normal planet with her single mother. Her normal life is soon thrown out of the window when she finds out that her father was actually alive! Until recently anyway. And that he was the pirate captain of the Bentenmaru - a pirate spaceship. Then she finds out that her mother used to be a pretty notorious pirate on that very same ship.

She is soon asked to captain the Bentenmaru and to continue their legacy, and she has to make the choice between her old life and a new life.


Basically high schooler inherits pirate ship.

Though pirate is somewhat inaccurate. They are actually more like privateers. Essentially in the backstory, there used to be a space war and pirates were legalized with a letter of marque. After the war, they are still allowed to continue their activities.

And they actually don't pirate that much. They are hired to 'pillage' luxury cruisers, where they jack the ship, fire their guns around and take the passenger's belongings - which is really just an entertaining pastime to the rich. They also seem to ship goods around, where they function kinda like smugglers.

The show is pretty damn boring at the start for me, and took a long time to pick up its pace. But slowly I just got used to it and started to enjoy watching it. Its still pretty slow paced but remains fairly entertaining, watching Marika grow as a character(she was pretty boring at the start) and how she balances her high school life along with captaining. Despite the title and setting, there hasn't been many space battles yet and is more about the characters and their various troubles. Which kinda works actually.

Its currently 15 episodes in, having aired last season. Its definitely one of the more unique shows to come out as of late. I kinda expected brainless pirate nonsense and fanservice, and got something pretty serious and devoid of fanservice instead!

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