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 Post subject: Tsuritama
PostPosted: April 13th, 2012, 10:27 am 
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Along with Sakamichi no Apollon, Tsuritama rounds off Noitamina's shows of the season.

Coincidentally, both are about high school boys transferring to new locations!

Well both main characters aren't very social, though in different ways. There are a lot of similar plot elements but the execution couldn't be anymore different.

Meet Sanada Yuki. A socially awkward high school boy, probably compounded by the fact he moves around a lot due to his grandmother's work. He tends to break down into anxiety fits, where he imagines himself drowning and needs to 'swim' out of the water to feel safe again(Apollon's main character actually has a similar 'disorder' but he seems to get over it at the end of the first episode).

In his latest of moves, he finds himself on the island on Enoshima. After getting into a fit on the way to school on the first day over whether to surrender his seat to a middle aged man or not(being unsure whether the man would find it insulting cause he didn't quite look old enough) - his odd behaviour was witnessed by two people from the same school.

After sweating over introducing himself to the class where it seems to proceed smoothly, he notices that the same two people on the train were in his class, where he starts to break down into yet another fit when transfer student #2 Haru barges in, calls himself an alien while swinging a fishing pole around. And proceeds to follow Yuki around everywhere, despite him wanting nothing to do with this new oddity. And shooting him in the face a lot with a water gun.

After being dragged along with Haru a lot and being pestered to go fishing, he runs into one of the students that witnessed him on the train who is apparently a highly skilled fisherman and works in a fishing store.

One thing leads to another and he finds himself fishing, and after managing to hook a seabass on his first try(though it escapes), he finds himself somewhat entranced with the activity.

And oh, Haru randomly decided he wanted to live in his house. And his grandmother agreed for some reason.

Also there's suit wearing Indian guy with a pet duck called Tapioca whom which he talks to. God knows how he'll become relevant in the coming episodes.


Another series with some degree of hype - the character designs are done by the guy who singlehandedly created Cencoroll.

We have the same setup as Apollon, high school boy with bad social skills, moves around a lot, finds himself making friends with odd new people he has never met before and discovers a new passion in a new activity.

The animation and visuals and execution is where the show comes to life and sets itself from the others. It uses crazy bright and clashing colours- though in a way that it still looks nice.

Whenever Yuki throws a fit, they actually represent it by having the entire room fill with water and showing him drowning. They go through the effort of showing water flow out of a classroom and windows breaking - though of course its all a delusion.

Also the self proclaimed alien spends a chunk of the show walking around town, carrying a talking beta fish in a bowl on top of his head. And seems to have a glowing triangular halo appear over his head at times. Looks like he's really an alien!

Heck, the introductory scene to the show seems to be pretty random and unrelated. They talk about some folk story involving a 5 headed dragon terrorizing an island and a goddess descending and you wonder just what the hell you started watching.

Yuki's grandmother is also an interesting character. A young at heart grandmother, dresses fashionably and is rather active as a character, rather than those typical crickety kimono wearing types we usually see.

The presentation is all colours and what the hells. Also Indian dude with pet duck.

When you boil it down, its a crazy drug fueled anime about high school boys, fishing, an alien and an Indian dude with a pet duck named Tapioca. Compared to its more down to Earth brother airing on the same block, its a hell lot more crazy and colourful.

Personally I think the show is a fun watch. Though at the end of the first episode, I find myself questioning just what exactly I watched - but its still a good feeling. Tsuritama should probably shape up to be something rather crazy and fun.

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 Post subject: Re: Tsuritama
PostPosted: April 20th, 2012, 3:03 pm 
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Sounds too crazy for me. I'll be 35 in three months, maybe my age is making itself felt. :sweat:


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