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 Post subject: Darker Than Black speculations thread (spoilers inside)
PostPosted: October 29th, 2007, 10:11 pm 
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Just finished Darker than Black, very good title, indeed a title worth of Bones. In fact, I did not know it was Bones until mid-series, when my wife asked which studio did it, I was watching the OP and kept starring at the OP and going thru what I have seen in my mind, the only studios that came into mind that could do that were Gonzo and Bones

... and Bones it was =p

anyway, since the ending is quite open to speculation about what the stargazers, gates, contractors, dolls, etc.. are, and only closes the main plot and most character related mysteries, I started wondering if I could figure what was all that about. There are multiple hints from reading between the lines and paying attention to even the first episode details, but it's still too little to really give you a proper explanation. So, sharing is power, share your thoughts.

I don't know what you think about not using spoiler tags since the thread subject is clearly spoilish, but I will use it anyway for my speculations ...

To me, the whole world as we see it in DtB is a huge purgatory/spirutual experience. People inside are not alive (or at least not in "our" plane of existence). The only hint on how everything started is that meteors fell on earth (though I think it's too much of a coincidence that their positions are oposite to each other, Brazil and Japan are exactly oposite, if you draw a line between them, it would go right thru earth's core). After that, "the stars were replaces by other fake stars, the sky were no longer our skyes, and no rocket ever sent to space made it back", which clearly implies that Earth (as of DtB universe) is trapped inside something, or ... is a big fake universe)

Shortly after, the "impossible" started, contractors who had amazing powers, but had to pay a price each time they used their powers appeared (pay to whom? they simply have to ... still looks like some kind of purgatory), dolls apparently with no sould could be used and "programmed" (I have the clear impression that this means brainwash), and somehow people could "find" whatever they "lost" if they are close to the gate. It also seams only people who have been close or related to the gate can become contractors.

I don't see a real reason why to ... find a reason. It's like trying to find our own reason of existence, so neither did the anime, nor can we surmisse why it happened or what purpose there is for what is going on. people are trapped in this "fake" universe.

The contractors, however, seams to be important to this universe in an interesting sense: they have powers, they pay each time they use their powers, and they act without emotion, based purelly on logic: an evolution some say, but are they really an evolution, living without emotion is living at all? slowly, even them start showing emotions, they join their forces, they act emotionally, and as they do so, they also slowly loose their powers (don't remember which episiode, but someone said it happened). To me, the contractors can be pretty much a metaphor about emotional humans (those without powers) and logical robot-like humans (but powerful).

Obviously afraid of them, the emotional humans try to get rid of them, so they realize that if they close the gates, the contractors and perhaps everything that is different in the world can be "fixed", but that obviously means the death for the contractors. So a group of contractors merge to try and prevent that.

When the "Syndicate" (which is related to all governments and UN) try to shut down Heaven's gate (south america's), Amber and others manage to counter it using Pai (Hei's sister) powers, but in doing so they destroyed 1500Km radios from the gate center.

Now the "Syndicate" will try again, they realized they only need to close one gate since they are actually one (which explains the symetrical position in earth's axis, as well as the well selected Heaven/Hell name), and again Amber and others try to avoid this, except this time they manage to do so without destrying Japan.

I won't enter into detail about each character speculations, but I read people arguing that Hoshihime and Amber are the same persons since Hoshihime is not affected by Amber's space/time travels, but that could just be that Hoshihime has the same powers (the same way Nick had the same powers as Hei, and thus they could not affect each other).

ANOTHER version that I also like to work with: everything is just a dream inside Hei's head.

I was already thinking about this before the end of the title, but it came into a solid possibility after the last episode's name: "Can the dream of the shinigame be darker than black"? Everything I mentioned above applies, the "alternate" world is the "shinigami"'s dream, which is Hei. Shinigami ... death ... purgatory ... makes a lot of sense, so this theory is also interesting to work with.

hmm a lot comes into mind but I will wait for more speculations and feedback from you guys xD


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