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Warning: This section contain materials that are meant for adults only, ages 18+.

Bishoujo games. I'm willing to bet my bottom dollar a number of you have already played bishoujo games on your PC... maybe even without knowing it. Bishoujo games are more popularly known on the net as H Games (H meaning Hentai). Before I explain any further, let us first define what bishoujo means. Bishoujo is the Japanese term for "pretty girl", and thus bishoujo games are actually pretty girl games.

Pretty girl games? Isn't that something for sissies? On the contrary, these games are only referred to as so because of the focus on lovely ladies. Fact is, a lot of B-games are designed for the enjoyment of hot-blooded males (and females ^_-). There are numerous erotic B-game titles in which you get to play a guy with no-holds-barred access to truckloads of pretty girls. The main goal of such games is simple: to uncover certain plot elements and have sex in the process. This is not to say that B-games are limited to having male protagonists. Some B-games let you take the role of a girl. B-game themes range anywhere from mild to wild. Some games are set in the high school years, where you play a hormonal teen looking for some action. Others are more extreme, allowing you to step into the shoes of a rapist and ravage your victims. Most B-games are, however, very much story-based. They are totally unlike the majority of live-action porn flicks which simply feature people banging away at each other.

Although B-games cater to adult players, wholesome girl games do exist. A popular example would be Gainax's Princess Maker series. In the Princess Maker games, you are tasked with bringing up a daughter (think of it as Tamagotchi meets Monster Rancher). The way you care for her will determine how she will end up. If you make her study art a lot, most probably she'll become an artist... if you make her work in a restaurant she may become a chef. Princess Maker gives you a lot of options for your daughter. You can buy her clothes, send her to school, make her work part-time... it's all up to you. As your daughter grows up, you'll see bodily changes as well. Non-adult girl games let you play anywhere from a fresh graduate trying to make a life to a guy trying to get some good, clean fun through dating.

Side Note: Quite a number of anime titles are actually based on B-games. Some examples are "End of Summer" and "Can Can Bunny."

Whichever the case, whether erotic or not, these games let you experience a whole new world which you could only imagine about. The Japanese have been enjoying these experiences for years, while the English-speaking community is just starting to discover them. The more we know about B-games, the more we know about what we're missing. I myself have played only a small number of titles. I can only hope that as more people pick up these games, more choices would become available. As it is there's a huge number of high-quality Japanese b-games just waiting to be released... hundreds of worlds waiting to be explored.

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