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One Pound Gospel
Reviewer: Rowena Lim Lei 12/31/1999

Kosaku Hatanaka is the Mukaida Gym's pride (sort of). He is a natural at boxing, but he can't control his voracious appetite. Kosaku eats anything and everything. As a result, his weight goes up and he is forced to fight in heftier weight class bouts -- giving his coach (and himself) one hell of a time. Sister Angela is a young novice nun who feels for Kosuke. She encourages him, and does whatever she can to make sure Kosaku is in shape. She knows Kosaku loves her, and what do you know... it looks like she has feelings for him too (though she doesn't want to admit it). But nuns aren't supposed to have romantic relationships. How can this love be?
One Pound Gospel is a nice series. It's got the usual Rumiko Takahashi touch of fun and wit. I didn't find it as striking as her other works, though. But then again maybe it's because I'm not really into boxing.
The plot is quite daring. It explores the potentials of a relationship that's considered taboo. We do have a novice nun as our female lead here, and this is a romantic comedy. Sister Angela is remarkably characterized. She feels all the things a girl her age should, and she doesn't act holier-than-thou. Her sense of duty to the church conflicts with what her heart tells her.
One Pound Gospel definitely has its golden moments. My fave scene is when Sis Angela goes off to the local bar and unwittingly drinks her frustrations away. That was really funny. The art is charming, but seems like it's in a transitional phase. It seems drawn at a time when Rumiko was in the middle of refining her illustration style. It looks better than her older works but it's not as polished as her latest works. Still, it does get everything across.
One Pound Gospel is a nice little romantic comedy, but you're better off with Rumiko Takahashi's "Maison Ikkoku" -- which is superior to One Pound Gospel in every way.
The anime version comes in one tape only. But I think I like the manga version better.

One Pound Gospel
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Review title:
One Pound Gospel
Alternative Titles:
Ichi Pound no Fukuin
Suitable For:
Older Children
General Rating:
3 out of 5 stars
Comedy, Romance, Sports
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