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Tsundere Hadaka
Reviewer: Aaron Murphy 04/16/2010

I had such high hopes for Tsundere Hadaka when I first found the HCG set. Being a School Rumble fan, I couldn’t have been happier with the prospect of seeing my two favorite female characters, Eri and Yakumo, taking center stage while they sexually assaulted one another. With the promise of a futanari Yakumo, loads of toys and threesomes with a mysterious man, I dove right in. Only to find the tale it had weaved didn’t quite translate to the images presented.
The main problem lies simply with the quality of the art. I mean, it’s tough to screw up Yakumo giving Eri her just deserts with her newfound penis, but the actual artistic quality of the scenes is where the issue is. They just have sort of an odd look to them, like they didn’t quite capture their appearance from the series. I’ve come around to it, more or less, now, but when I first saw the set I didn’t know if I would really ever look at it again. Thankfully my initial displeasure with it seems to have waned, but I certainly had to give it a second look before I was able to enjoy it. Which leads to the other major problem-- it’s quite small. With only 16 images in total, you’re not really getting much content. You’d really have to be quite the Eri and Yakumo fan, like myself, to want to actually pick this set up. The content within, however, is all well and good with Eri and Yakumo doing all the things you would hope for, so there aren’t really any problems there.
Even with my love for Eri and Yakumo, Tsundere Hadaka couldn’t quite come together for me. The art was just a tad off base and there just wasn’t enough overall content to really get into. I mean, it’s tough to pass up the two of them sexing each other up, but it doesn’t always come together like one would like. Still an ok set, but with a couple of damning flaws.
Eri just never gets to be the aggressor in these things…
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Tsundere Hadaka
Tsundere Hadaka
Tsundere Hadaka
Tsundere Hadaka
Tsundere Hadaka
Tsundere Hadaka
Tsundere Hadaka
Tsundere Hadaka
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Tsundere Hadaka
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