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Totally Defeated No. 18!
Reviewer: Aaron Murphy 03/14/2010

Having loved Dragonball Z since I was a young, I’ve always been drawn to doujinshi and HCG sets involving characters from the series. Totally Defeated No. 18! brings together Vegeta and 18 in a no holds barred sex revenge match where the two of them end up raping one another. Add to that Vegeta going into Oozaru form and some of the greatest Engrish I have seen and you’re left with a wonderful sex filled comedy fest. It doesn’t get much more enjoyable than this.
In terms of continuity, the story takes place sometime after Vegeta initially got owned by 18 the first time they met. Now he is back to even the score, and after blasting off her clothes has decided to sex her up as well. This situation lends itself to not only a very sexy time, but also some great Engrish dialogue after 18 tries to bite a certain something off. After explaining to her that Bulma will desert him if he is unable to use is penis, he seems to come to a hilarious realization as he says “I’m alive with her money.” It’s just such a true statement that I couldn’t stop laughing.
After further violating her for a while Vegeta decides to transform into his giant ape Oozaru form and really give 18 what for. This is the highlight of the release, as a now huge Vegeta forces his way inside as her eyes roll back in pleasure and her stomach bulges. Of course, to add insult to injury, he uses his tail as a second violation device and shoves it up her ass. He’s certainly a crafty one; it’s just too bad he doesn’t remember the androids energy absorption ability as his power is quickly drained and 18’s strength is renewed. Now it’s time for the tables to turn as Vegeta is raped by 18 and her insatiable lust for “energy.”
With about 35 pages in total, Totally Defeated No. 18! is a fair sized doujinshi with a high level of artistic quality. I’m sure I ended up liking it more than someone who isn’t a DBZ fan, but even if you aren’t it’s still a quality h-manga to check out. Certainly one of the best Pyramid House has to offer.
The translation was done by the circle themselves, which explains the somewhat awful English dialogue.  The hilarity that results more than makes up for it, at least for me anyway.
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Totally Defeated No. 18!
Totally Defeated No. 18!
Totally Defeated No. 18!
Totally Defeated No. 18!
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Totally Defeated No. 18!
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Large Insertion, Rape
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