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Slave of the Stars
Reviewer: Aaron Murphy 01/30/2010

It’s been a long time coming, but we finally have what we’ve all been waiting for. An erotic HCG set featuring Lafiel, Spoor, Lexshu and a couple of other lovely ladies from the wonderful sci-fi space drama Crest of the Stars (Seikai no Monsho) and its sequel Banner of the Stars (Seikai no Senki).
Now this HCG set will certainly hold less value for those of you who haven’t seen the series nor read the novels the characters are from. This is always a problem with HCG sets centered on a specific cast of characters, because for some people it will be a little slice of heaven, but for others it’s just more hentai girls in compromising positions. Being a huge fan of the series, and having seen just about zero hentai content based on this series, I can honestly say this HCG is just about priceless to me.
Given that this is just a small circle release; the images are not as polished as one may be used to. It’s clear to see that, while great effort was put into this set, it was not done by a professional company or group. Some of the lines and body proportions are a tad askew, and while none of it is really a problem it is worth noting. With 18 base images and 80 variations, the set comes with a fair bit of content for us to enjoy as Lafiel and company are ravaged by military men. It’s a bit more hardcore than your normal stuff, with a number of gangbangs, dual penetrations, watersports and a few instances of our girls being pregnant. What’s really the sugar on top concerns their facial expressions though. They are simply fantastic to behold, and the fact that it’s the cast from Crest of the Stars just makes it all the much better. 
I thought I had died and gone to heaven when I first found this, and once I viewed the images I knew I had. It’s everything I could have hoped for from a Crest of the Stars HCG set, and it was well worth every penny. However, while the set is good in and of itself, if you do not know any of the characters I’m not sure how much appeal this will have for you, especially with a ~$10.00 price tag. Don’t let that stop you from giving it a shot however, and if nothing else go watch the series and come back to it. Then you shall know its full glory.
Most of the images are ~800x1100 and there is an additional folder with all the images at a reduced resolution. The total size of the set is about 35MB.
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Slave of the Stars
Slave of the Stars
Slave of the Stars
Slave of the Stars
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Slave of the Stars
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