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Reviewer: Rowena Lim Lei 05/01/2002

A collection of air-brushed erotic images of Japanese women rendered by several different artists. Also see Skin Conscious Vol. 1.
Skin Conscious Vol. 2 is made up of five different sections: Heat Wave by Goro Ishikawa, Hot Illusion by Junichi Murayama, Real Type by Noboru Nonaka, Sensual Eyes by Ken Watanabe, and Skin Conscious by Akio Yoshida. Each section features air-brushed and computer-enhanced images of Japanese women in various stages of undress. There are ladies in lingerie, in the nude, in school uniforms, in S&M gear, in kimonos... just about every possibly erotic scenario involving Japanese women can be found here.
Some of the artwork is very realistic while others look more fantasy-inspired. Nearly 500 images are presented in html format and categorized by artist. Numerous CGs from several doujinshi and bishoujo game titles such as "Three Sisters' Story" and "Borderline 2.0" are included in the disc as well.

Skin Conscious Vol. 2
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Skin Conscious Vol. 2
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Adults Only
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