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Reviewer: Rowena Lim Lei 05/01/2002

A collection of air-brushed erotic images of Japanese women rendered by several different artists.
To be honest I was kind of intimidated by the Skin Conscious series, since the focus is on Japanese women rather than female anime characters. I've always been curious about these collections though, and so it was a welcome challenge.
Skin Conscious Vol. 1 is made up of four different sections: Hot Breath by Akio Yoshida, Cool Breeze by Goro Ishikawa, Super Groove by Juzo Iriga, and Erotic Dream by Junkai Nishimura. Each section features air-brushed and computer-enhanced images of Japanese women in various stages of undress. There are ladies in lingerie, in the nude, in school uniforms, in S&M gear, in kimonos... just about every possibly erotic scenario involving Japanese women can be found here.
The artwork in general is very realistic. When I first saw the images I thought they were photographs, but looking at them closely will reveal that they are actually paintings done by airbrush. Some are so lifelike that it's scary and half the time I still wonder if they are really not photos even when I know better. The images are presented in html format and categorized by artist. Numerous CGs from several doujinshi and bishoujo game titles such as "Tokimeki Check-in!" and "Dream World II: Plagiarism" are included in the disc as well.
Skin Conscious Vol. 1 contains over 400 images. While I wasn't exactly titillated (hey, I'm a woman too), I have to admit that a great deal of talent was involved in making these images. It's definitely an eyeful for those who fancy oriental ladies.

Skin Conscious Vol. 1
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Skin Conscious Vol. 1
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