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Seasoning and Wolf
Reviewer: Aaron Murphy 02/21/2010

As a big fan of the Spice and Wolf series, especially with regards to the ever sexy wolf goddess Holo, I was quite pleased when I stumbled upon this HCG set featuring her and Lawrence as well as a couple of other characters and interesting situations (tentacles anyone?). My joy was quickly squashed however, as excessive variations with little change kept the number of actual images low and the number of inexplicable images high. Is there a reason to have images with Lawrence not having any eyes and others where he has a black censor bar over his face? Riddle me that.
This was not quite the end of my disappointment however, not once I started to get a look at Holo. She is hardly the woman she was in the anime series, with a far more aloof and childish look about her than one would have expected-- or wanted. I mean, she’s a centuries old wolf goddess, who’s known for having quite an air of maturity and grace about her. This is almost completely lost here, and not even the inclusion of Nora in a scene with Holo was able to placate me.
With 50 images in total, this wouldn’t have been a bad size if so many useless variations weren’t included. As it stands, there are only 10 based images in all, with innumerable variations being most or less completely useless. There’s a bit of everything here with Holo and a couple of girls sucking on her much too large breasts, as well as a number of tentacle scenes and a couple with them sucking the milk right out of here. The type of content included is not bad; it’s just everything else that doesn’t make the grade.
They made Holo’s breasts far too large for her body. Which made her look even more odd.

Seasoning and Wolf
Seasoning and Wolf
Seasoning and Wolf
Seasoning and Wolf
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Seasoning and Wolf
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