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Playmate of the Apes
Reviewer: Aaron Murphy 02/09/2010

A play off Planet of the Apes (in case you hadn’t figured that out from the title already), Playmate of the Apes gives us a retelling that goes terribly awry. This time there are three women who’re looking to test out a new Jump Drive, a device that has the power to create something much akin to a worm hole. They’re unsure of how exactly it’s going to go, with all likelihood resting on their failure and death. Even with prospects like those, these three young ladies are willing to give up their lives in order to test this new system, and that’s not going to turn out too well for them.
The story is told as a flashback after the events of their Jump Drive test and eventual crash landing on an ape infested planet. At the start you see the results of many months of these girls having been raped, trained, and all around destroyed by these giant ape men. It’s only as the training of Robin, the last sane one left, begins that she remembers the events leading up to their current situation. This was largely expected, given the way the doujinshi started, but I thought it would either show us their initial training or at least give us more content from the present. But in a very strange twist the story went back and actually focused almost entirely on the events that took place the night before their fateful launch into space. Of course, there is some hentai content interspersed throughout with their chief looking to have a little fun before these young women head off into space and two of the girls masturbating furiously. After the night ends they lift off into space and they’re shown landing on the ape planet and that’s pretty much the end. They just show a picture of Robin months after her training began with her now pregnant. Just like her fellow travelers.
While the story is largely fine, it’s nothing special but it makes for an interesting situation, it’s the lack of hentai scenes and the quality of the art that hinder Playmate of the Apes the most. Even though there are a bunch of extra sex scenes that were not translated nor included in the overall story, there are relatively few of any quality. This isn’t helped by the art style, which almost comes off as a rough sketch rather than a final product since it’s so difficult to tell what the heck is going on. With 45 pages of actual story and 23 pages of extra content, it’s a decently sized doujinshi with all the images at 1144x1600px.
With a focus on the narrative and a few good hentai scenes, there are reasons to check out Playmate of the Apes. That said, there isn’t really enough sex to satisfy someone looking for a hentai doujinshi and the art may put a lot of people off as they spend their time just trying and figure out what they are looking at. So check out the art below and if it tickles our fancy, it may be something you want to look into.
I’m not terribly sure why they used woman for this test. Seems like it would have made more sense to use 3 young men, but then again sex with female apes does not sound terribly appealing…
Playmate of the Apes is available from DLsite.

Playmate of the Apes
Playmate of the Apes
Playmate of the Apes
Playmate of the Apes
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Playmate of the Apes
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2.5 out of 5 stars
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