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Interspecies Violation Age
Reviewer: Aaron Murphy 04/19/2010

Moving away from their typical HCG sets involving shota boys with loli girls and older women, circle No Nanka Sedai takes us down a rather disturbing road involving women having relations with other species. Between the lizards, dragons, ants, slugs and chocobos, to name a few, you may be more creeped out than titillated in the end. It takes a certain kind of person to be turned on by a woman having sex with an ant, and I can safely say I am not one of them. But even though some of the scenes are just too wrong to be enjoyable, there are a few saving graces.
For Interspecies Violation Age is at its best when it uses mythical creatures, like a dragon or Minotaur, rather than everyday pests as their sexual subject matter. This could have resulted in some rather glorious scenes, at least with the ~12 images that are worth checking out, but alas our hopes are foiled by the relatively inexplicit content held within. Too many of the images either hide what’s going on or only show us the characters right before they get down to business, leaving us with a set of images that, while good looking, don’t really inspire much desire. It’s almost like a tease that it includes some of these rather large beasts, but we get very little reward from it in the end as the actual body parts are either hidden or are simply doing nothing for us. 
While the unappealing creatures in a number of the scenes certainly didn’t help, it’s the lack of detailed sexual acts that really derailed the success that Interspecies Violation Age could have had. The technicals are still solid and the content isn’t really bad, it’s just that it could have been so much better. What a shame. 
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Interspecies Violation Age
Interspecies Violation Age
Interspecies Violation Age
Interspecies Violation Age
Interspecies Violation Age
Interspecies Violation Age
Interspecies Violation Age
Interspecies Violation Age
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Interspecies Violation Age
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Beasts, Gangbang, Large Insertion,
Monsters, Rape
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