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Elder Women
Reviewer: Aaron Murphy 03/25/2010

Elder Women is yet another set by No Nanka Sedai that focuses on the rather sweet relationship between older women (as in older sister and mother types) and shota boys. As one of the earlier HCG sets the circle did, it’s clear to see that they’ve come a long way over the years in terms of both the content and quality. This revelation is a bit sad, as you may have gathered, since it means that their older work, aka this one, is noticeably worse than their newer stuff. It’s not that it’s bad by any means, it’s still the same older ladies with young boys’ good time we’ve all come to know and love, but this HCG set is a bit rougher around the edges. Not only is the quality of the drawings a tad worse, with more of a sketch feel, but the scenes and situations are much less sexually enticing. This, for a HCG set, is possibly the biggest shortfall Elder Women has.
The number of images in this set is the same as their other Elder Women x Little Boy Generation 2 release had with 12 color images, those same 12 images with Japanese text, and an additional 12 black and while images. The main difference is that this time all the color images are not simply individual images, but consist of 4 sets of three images “stories.” This typically shows and older woman and a little boy somehow engaged in a slightly sexual way, and then the eventual progression to the two of them having sex. I’m sure this would have had a bit more meaning if I could read Japanese, but given that I (and presumably most of you) can’t, we’re left with far too many storytelling images that give us little value, and in a set with only 12 color images that hurts. For what it’s worth, we still have the full monty of individual black and white images. 
As much as I may like the subject matter, this set is clearly inferior to their later releases. However, while I certainly recommend you pick up the Elder Women x Little Boy Generation 2 release first, if you thoroughly enjoy that one then you won’t be too disappointed by Elder Women, it’s still a nice little set.
While the color images are fairly tame, the black and white ones include one scene involving pissing and another with a bit of fisting with an x-ray shot.

Elder Women
Elder Women
Elder Women
Elder Women
Elder Women
Elder Women
Elder Women
Elder Women
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Elder Women
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