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Dreamworld II: Plagiarism
Reviewer: Rowena Lim Lei 05/31/2002

Dreamworld II: Plagiarism is a collection of erotic CG parody artwork by Yuji Kobayashi. Most of the images in this collection feature the Evangelion girls Rei and Asuka, interpreted by the artist in a variety of revealing attire and poses.
Dreamworld II: Plagiarism can best be described as a collection of Evangelion erotic fan-art. Almost all the images are of either Rei Ayanami or Asuka Langley, with one nude Misato portrait and a few (around one of each) other anime characters such as Ruri of "Martian Successor Nadesico" and Sakura of "Sakura Wars".
Yuji Kobayashi draws the EVA girls (as well as the other characters) so well that it's almost as if his works are official material rather than doujinshi. Not all his images are hentai in nature, and those that are showcase either partial or full female nudity exclusively. There aren't any sex scenes, and no male characters are featured. Yuji's illustrations also vary in style, as you can see in the sample images below. Some CGs are rendered in a soft and dreamy manner, while others are solid and vibrant as if straight out of an anime. Everything is just beautiful though.
Plagiarism's image galleries are presented rather plainly in html format, much like online galleries... just minus the loading time. Clicking on a thumbnail will entreat you to the full-sized image, and each image comes in three different resolutions (640x480, 800x600, 1024x768). There are roughly around fifty or so CGs by Yuji Kobayashi, but well over a hundred hentai images from various bishoujo game titles (like "May Club" and "Tokimeki Check-in!") have been added as well. Other bonuses include an interview with the artist, and sketches of the CGs.
Overall, Plagiarism is an excellent collection. It's just a bit lacking in the presentation department.
This is easily one of the best erotic doujinshi collections I've come across.

Dreamworld II: Plagiarism
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Dreamworld II: Plagiarism
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Adults Only
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4 out of 5 stars
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4 out of 5 stars
Ecchi, Parody, Softcore
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