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Critical Bad End
Reviewer: Aaron Murphy 03/05/2010

As a fan of tentacles in all their many forms, Critical Bad End was a HCG set that I couldn’t pass up. With was promised to be a tentacle filled adventure featuring Magical Angel Misaki, whoever that is (all I could find were references to the main character in Angelic Layer, but I can’t be sure), I went in with high hopes. And I have to say it didn’t disappoint, though I really didn’t notice where any of these touted “bad endings” were. I mean, it’s not like any of the girls getting ravaged by tentacles had a happy ending, per say, but it may have had something to do with the included short stories. Those are largely useless to us Japanese illiterate however…
With just over 120 images in total, Critical Bad End is a fair sized hentai set with a variety of different women throughout. This keeps things a bit more interesting as you see them having their own special encounters. Almost all the scenes involve tentacles in one fashion or another, but you also have a few with just a couple of guys having their way with one girl and another getting screwed by some type of large beast.  None of the scenes really go much beyond the general penetration and cumshot, with some minor censoring just to irk us. It’s really not something you notice too often when tentacles are involved though. What you will notice is that all the characters and scenes are very well drawn and include quite a few variations of each base image for us to really enjoy the scenario.
For a set filled with characters I don’t know and short stories I can’t read, Critical Bad End succeeds fairly well. There’s nothing in it that’s particularly notable, which is possibly its biggest problem. Still and all, if you are a tentacle fan you may want to give this set a look. Those tentacles are quite pesky and end up ravaging these girls just about everywhere you could hope.
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Critical Bad End
Critical Bad End
Critical Bad End
Critical Bad End
Critical Bad End
Critical Bad End
Critical Bad End
Critical Bad End
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Critical Bad End
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Beasts, Gangbang, Large Insertion,
Rape, Tentacles
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