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Creamy Angel 3
Reviewer: Rowena Lim Lei 07/07/2004

Creamy Angel 3 is a collection of erotic CGs by hentai artist Mashitaka, featuring "Oh My Goddess" characters Belldandy and Urd.
This is the third Mashitaka collection that I've had the opportunity to peruse and review ("Creamy Angel 1" and "Creamy Angel 2" were the first two). Based on my previous experiences with Mashitaka's works, I've really learned not to expect anything great. The good news is, this artist has come a long way since Creamy Angel 1 and 2.
Creamy Angel Vol. 3 is by far Mashitaka's raunchiest and most perverse work ever -- and that's supposed to be good when one is talking about an erotic CG collection. This volume is divided into nine sections: Megami Jiru 1 ("Megami Jiru" literally translates to "Goddess Juice") through 6, Megami Jiru SP, Website CG, and Guest CG. Every section contains over 30 images, with the exception of Megami Jiru 1 and Megami Jiru SP.
Megami Jiru 1 to 3 focuses on Belldandy exclusively. Megami Jiru 1 has Belldandy wear a skimpy yellow uh... thing while she and Keiichi get it on vanilla style. Megami Jiru 2 portrays Belldandy in a bright red bunny costume. This time, she gets it on with Keiichi and then explores the wonders of anal sex with kinky paraphernalia like butt plugs and pleasure beads. Megami Jiru 3 features schoolgirl Belldandy in the usual sailor-type uniform. She flashes her panties, gives oral service, and basically lets the guy (only the penis is shown so I can't really say it's Keiichi) explore all her orifices. Megami Jiru 4 has Belldandy and her sister Urd play with each other. Somewhere along the way, Urd grows a penis and becomes a hermaphrodite for some pumping action. Megami Jiru 5 has Belldandy playing a nurse and Urd playing a doctor. Urd still has a penis and they experiment with just about everything on penetration. Megami Jiru 6 has Urd and Belldandy both wear bunny costumes while they get it on. Megami Jiru SP confines Belldandy inside a toilet stall while she's manhandled and screwed. Website CGs is a collection of Mashitaka's other sketches, mostly consisting of either naked or skimpily dressed female anime characters. Guest CGs are hentai Oh My Goddess illustrations by other artists, consisting mostly of Belldandy with a couple of Skuld and Urd images thrown in. The guest CGs break all barriers by having Belldandy constantly gang-banged (see last image below), mounted by an ape, and molested in a bus... making Belldandy the poster girl for everything hardcore as far as this collection is concerned.
Like previous Creamy Angel installments, the galleries in this collection are presented in html format where clicking on thumbnails takes you to the full-sized images. There's also a truckload of H-images from various bishoujo games released by Peach Princess and Jast USA, including some screencaps from the upcoming "Gun Shield Warrior Sakigake".
Although Mashitaka's artwork has improved a lot, I'm still not really a fan of his drawing style. The guest CGs all look so much better than his actual works. Anyhow, if totally uncensored and hardcore Oh My Goddess images are your thing; this should be right up your alley.
This is the most worthwhile Creamy Angel volume yet.

Creamy Angel 3
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Creamy Angel 3
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3 out of 5 stars
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3 out of 5 stars
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