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Creamy Angel 2
Reviewer: Rowena Lim Lei 12/31/1999

Creamy Angel 2 is yet another collection of erotic CGs by hentai artist Mashitaka, featuring a few renditions of anime characters such as Pretty Sammy ("Magical Project S").
I was actually hoping that Creamy Angel Vol. 2 would be better than its predecessor Creamy Angel Vol. 1, but alas... it is not. It's just more of the same thing. A bit better in some aspects, and a bit worse in others -- thus the same rating.
Creamy Angel Vol. 2 is divided into six sections: Minty Angel 2, Breast Milk 3, Breast Milk 4, Service 3, Service 4, and Sketch Work. Each section contains anywhere from 13 to 50 images, yielding a grand total of over a hundred Mashitaka illustrations.
Minty Angel 2 features either partially nude or scantily clad female characters with boobs the size of melons, papayas, and watermelons (with the exception of one lone Pretty Sammy image that you see on the title graphic above). Really, you have to see these humongous breasts to believe it -- a lot of them make Pam Anderson's trademark chest seem tiny in comparison. It's just too ridiculous-looking to be considered sexy in any way. Breast Milk 3 presents several naked girls in kinky positions. Breast Milk 4 shows a variety of sexual activities that take place in a school, from masturbation to titty-fucking. Service 3 focuses on a girl in a skimpy nurse costume and a guy who go at it like there was no tomorrow. Service 4 has two girls in bunny costumes engaging in some girl-to-girl action, who are eventually joined by a guy. Sketch Work is a collection of pencil-drawn images of different girls, including one that looks remotely like Rei Hino of "Sailormoon".
The galleries in this collection are presented in html format where clicking on thumbnails takes you to the full-sized images. There's also a truckload of H-images from bishoujo games such as "Xchange" and "May Club".
After two volumes of Creamy Angel, I'm still not a fan of Mahitaka's artwork. I do admit that he is talented though, and if he really wanted to I believe he can draw beautifully. But as it is, he is just too pre-occupied with strange anatomical proportions and deformed features... and I'd rather spring for something that appeals to me.
Maybe some people actually like this style... I don't know.

Creamy Angel 2
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Creamy Angel 2
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Adults Only
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1.5 out of 5 stars
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1.5 out of 5 stars
Large Breasts, Menage a Trois, Yuri
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