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Creamy Angel 1
Reviewer: Rowena Lim Lei 12/31/1999

Creamy Angel 1 is a collection of erotic CGs by hentai artist Mashitaka, featuring a few renditions of anime characters such as Belldandy ("Oh My Goddess") and Sailorsaturn ("Sailormoon") among his illustrations.
Creamy Angel Vol. 1 is by far the least attractive erotic CG collection I've perused. It is divided into seven sections: Minty Angel 1, Breast Milk 1, Breast Milk 2, Service 1, Service 2, Saturn Collection, and Sketch Work. Each section contains anywhere from 12 to 40 images, yielding a grand total of over a hundred Mashitaka illustrations.
Minty Angel 1 features female characters in various kinky costumes. There are girls in bunny outfits, maid uniforms, S&M leather gear, etc. flaunting there grossly oversized breasts and shiny bottoms. Breast Milk 1 presents girls splattered with milky white stuff, which I assume is semen. Again, they flaunt their grossly oversized breasts. Breast Milk 2 is pretty much the same as Breast Milk 1, with different girls this time. Service 1 focuses on a girl in a skimpy maid uniform and a penis. As you can imagine, she does all kinds of things with the penis. Of course, she also has boobs the size of melons like her predecessors. Service 2 is just like Service 1, but in this case the girl is in a bunny outfit. Yup, you guessed it. Boobs like melons. The last section, Saturn Collection, is supposed to be a tribute of some sort to Sailorsaturn. The problem is, I hardly recognized the girl in the drawings as Sailorsaturn because she's so ugly. Miraculously though, she doesn't have the trademark melon boobs which almost every girl in this collection has. Sketch Work contains pencil-drawn images which are somewhat better than the rest of Mashitaka's images.
As is the case with most erotic CG collections, the galleries are presented in html format where clicking on thumbnails takes you to the full-sized images. There's also a truckload of H-images from bishoujo games such as "Three Sisters Story" and "Snow Drop".
Overall I'm not too keen on Mashitaka's artwork. His characters are just way too anatomically disproportioned (gigantic melon boobs, tiny waists, and big behinds) to be considered beautiful or sexy. The sample images you see in this review are the best ones there are.
Maybe some people will like this style... I don't know.

Creamy Angel 1
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Creamy Angel 1
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1.5 out of 5 stars
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1.5 out of 5 stars
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