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Carried like a Princess
Reviewer: Aaron Murphy 03/01/2010

Carried like a Princess is a medium sized HCG set featuring all the main characters from Castle in the Sky getting a piece of poor Sheeta throughout various points in the movie. Her encounters often find her in the ravenous arms of Pazu, but that doesn’t stop friend and foe alike from having their way with her as well. Each image typically has one or two variations, with the inevitable internal cumshot always taking place after they have their fun. This is sort of a running theme until the end, where Sheeta is shown pregnant and subsequently giving birth. Yes, you read that right.
As one of my favorite anime movies, Carried like a Princess was a great find for me. I always had a fondness for Sheeta since I first saw her many years ago, and getting a HCG set of her in all sorts of compromising situations was quite a joyous find. Even better was that it not only takes place during various points in the movie, but includes the characters we came to know having their way with her. She is the focus of the entire set, and no matter what periphery characters are shown violating her, she is the star attraction. From the old miner underneath the city to the evil villains who captured her, they’ve left just about no one out. From regular scenes with her and Pazu to gangbangs with multiple henchmen getting a piece of her all at once, poor Sheeta isn’t getting a break no matter where she goes!
The images are decently sized at about 1280x960 each with about 160 in total, and you also have an additional set at a smaller resolution. With that you get a number of additional bonuses. There’s a set of all the basic images filled with Japanese text (great for someone who can read Japanese no doubt) and a group of the images including an enlarged x-ray image of the usual cumshot. There a bit of pissing here and there but very little, with the main point of contention being the birthing scene at the end which you may just want to avoid if you are not in with that crowd. Yes, that is a fetish-- what isn’t?
Carried like a Princess is a quite a nice HCG set if you’re a fan of Castle in the Sky. None of the scenes are going to blow you away but the different settings and characters involved are a nice touch.
Who would have thought that hitting Sheeta’s breasts with a mining hammer would make her instantly cum! The things you learn…

Carried like a Princess is available from DLsite.

Carried like a Princess
Carried like a Princess
Carried like a Princess
Carried like a Princess
Carried like a Princess
Carried like a Princess
Carried like a Princess
Carried like a Princess
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Carried like a Princess
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