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Bunny and Female Pig
Reviewer: Aaron Murphy 04/04/2010

Master Roshi is at it again, desperately trying to get inside Bulma’s panties. Known for being a lecherous old man, Master Roshi has made a deal with Bulma that if he can extinguish the flame of Fry Pan Mountain that he will get to have sex with her. Of course, Bulma isn’t actually about to go through with that and instead devises a plan to get Oolong to transform into her and take her place. And after threatening to eat him if he doesn’t, Oolong is stuck between a rock and a very hard place, at least until Master Roshi discovers her sordid plan. Now Bulma is getting it not just from Master Roshi, but from a tiny pig with a strangely sizable weapon. If nothing else you can certainly say she deserves it!
Bunny and Female Pig is the second Dragonball Z doujinshi I have reviewed by Pyramid House, and is yet another of their works in which they did the translation themselves. This always creates an interesting dynamic, because it sort of takes you out of the work but it can also add a fair bit of hilarity to it so it’s really going to depend on how the strained English dialogue treats you. The best way around this is just to get lost in the sexy fun of the doujin, and we certainly get that here. First you have Master Roshi using some of his power to force her body to obey his wishes, and then after a little while Oolong joins in as they double team her all over. As disagreeable a thought as that may be to Bulma at the start, she comes around to it after none too long. Well, to be perfectly clear, it drives her into some sort of sex crazed state of insanity, which is even better.
I’ve really enjoyed these recent Pyramid House doujinshi, and Bunny and Female Pig is another great addition. With 35 pages of content and an artistic quality that makes it crisp and clear to see all the characters and what’s happening, there’s little to dislike here.
Oolong should have been quite excited when Master Roshi starts making Bulma act like a pig!
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Bunny and Female Pig
Bunny and Female Pig
Bunny and Female Pig
Bunny and Female Pig
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Bunny and Female Pig
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4 out of 5 stars
Excessive Fluids, Gangbang, Rape
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