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Borderline 2.0
Reviewer: Rowena Lim Lei 05/31/2002

Borderline 2.0 ~Breathe~ is a collection of original erotic CG artwork by Sakaki Naomoto. The main highlight of this CD-ROM is the digital comics or "digicomi", featuring two tittilating tales:
  • "The Garden of Dreams" - Mizuki fantasizes about the hero of the romance novel she is reading. She imagines him ravaging her body throughout the night...
  • "The Secret Room" - Rena agrees to star in a porn film in order to forget the man who broke her heart...
Borderline 2.0 ~Breathe~ is the first erotic CG collection I've ever come across. I honestly had no idea what to expect, but the gorgeous cover artwork was more than enough invitation for me to check things out as soon as I got the CD.
Borderline 2.0 has two executable applications -- Breathe and Awake. Breathe contains the two digital comics I described above -- "The Garden of Dreams" and "The Secret Room", with original music to boot. Awake is a collection of schoolgirl profiles (Mizuki and Rena included) with some bonus H-pics of the characters. Aside from Breathe and Awake, images from Sakaki Nakamoto's earlier Borderline release are included as well. There are also numerous images from various bishoujo game titles such as "Legend of Fairies", "X-change", etc.
Sakaki Nakamoto's illustrations possess a soft yet meticulously detailed look that is captivating. This particular collection seems focused on schoolgirls, and they are depicted with all the cuteness and naughtiness a schoolgirl can possibly have. I'm so impressed with his images that I've already set aside a few of his non-hentai ones for use as desktop wallpaper.
Borderline 2.0 gets high marks for presentation and overall visual quality. The stories in the digital comics are pretty superficial though, and the whole narrative is generally devoted to describing what the characters are doing / going through sexually... much like the erotic parts of a romance novel, only this one is fully illustrated.
More of Sakaki Nakamoto? Also see Borderline 3.0!

Borderline 2.0
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Borderline 2.0
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Adults Only
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4 out of 5 stars
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4 out of 5 stars
Normal Sex, Softcore
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