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Borderline 1.0
Reviewer: Rowena Lim Lei 04/09/2003

Borderline 1.0 is a collection of original erotic CG artwork by artist Sakaki Naomoto.
Ironically, Borderline 1.0 is the first installment in the Borderline doujinshi series, and yet it is the last one that I've gotten to see.
Borderline 1.0 is composed of over 30 colored images, all of which feature schoolgirls in a variety of erotic poses and kinky situations. If you compare this collection with Sakaki Naomoto's later works (namely "Borderline 2.0 ~Breathe~" and "Borderline 3.0 ~Frozen Beach~"), you'll notice that the illustrations possess a less dreamy and more definitive quality made up of clean, strong lines. The pretty character designs are more or less similar to Naomoto's other works, it's just the coloring and rendition that varies somewhat. A couple of short English-translated manga skits are also included, as well as uncolored versions of the CGs. The collection is then capped off by a brief interview with Naomoto himself.
The images are presented in HTML format, wherein clicking on a thumbnail will reveal a larger image. There is a choice between two kinds of resolutions as well. I got through with Borderline 1.0 rather quickly since there was a scanty number of images compared to the other Borderline collections, and there wasn't much by way of extras.
Borderline 1.0 is a beautifully done collection, albeit rather lacking in quantity. It's a good thing that this comes bundled with two of the best bishoujo games out there, specifically "Nocturnal Illusion" and "May Club" -- making the CD a very worthwhile purchase.
The Milky House Memorial Game Set contains the erotic doujinshi collection Borderline 1.0 as well as two bishoujo games -- "Nocturnal Illusion" and "May Club".

Borderline 1.0
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Borderline 1.0
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3 out of 5 stars
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