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Virgin Roster
Reviewer: Rowena Lim Lei 05/12/2004

You are Kengo Inui, a handsome and intelligent man who's working as a high school chemistry teacher. You are respected and admired, but what everyone doesn't know is that you are a merciless fiend who lives only to rape and violate virgins in the most perverse ways imaginable. Day in and day out, you stalk the school grounds in search of the perfect sex slaves.

Before Virgin Roster, Tsuki was what I considered the darkest game out in the English market. However, Virgin Roster takes depravity and perversion to a whole new level with its main character -- self-admitted sex fiend Kengo Inui.

As Kengo, you live solely to defile as many beautiful virgins as you can and turn them into your personal sex slaves. There is no trace of the slightest goodness in your character. You're pure evil and you know it. In fact, you're damned proud of it. There are seven pretty virgins for you to violate: the wealthy but introverted student Kiyoka, the athletic lolicon Ren, best friends Yuki and Shinobu, the naive student teacher Tomo, the school nurse Takako, and your fellow teacher Saki. Since everyone is a victim, there aren't really any good endings in Virgin Roster. The girls are all in some way or another reduced to mindless nymphomaniacs, psychologically damaged beyond repair.

he best thing about Virgin Roster is definitely the artwork. Although consisting mostly of rape, this game has got some of the best sex scenes I've ever seen in a bishoujo game. Attractive character designs, perfectly proportioned bodies, and meticulously detailed anatomical parts are portrayed in a wide variety of exotic positions and tittilating sexual activities. Since all the ladies are virgins, there are bloody shows when Kengo deflowers them. I didn't know whether or not to feel sorry for them because they end up begging Kengo to give them more pleasure after the primary raping session. The original Japanese voices have been retained, giving this brutal tale more life than some of us would like.

Yes, Virgin Roster is one twisted game which puts the player in the shoes of a beast. Personally I don't really fancy playing the rapist (unless they actually release a game where one goes around raping handsome men). If you're into this type of role-playing however, this definitely has the best illustrated characters and rape scenes of the lot (comparing to the similarly-themed Sensei 2 and Tsuki).

Game extras include CG galleries, story flashback sequences, and a music collection.

Virgin Roster
Virgin Roster
Virgin Roster
Virgin Roster
Virgin Roster
Virgin Roster
Virgin Roster
Virgin Roster
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Review Title:
Virgin Roster
Alternative Titles:
Shukketsubo ~Senaka no Oetsu~
Approximate Length:
10-30 Hours
Suitable For:
Adults Only
General Rating:
3 out of 5 stars
Hentai Rating:
3 out of 5 stars
School, Bondage, Gangbang,
Lolita, Rape
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