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Viper Paradice
Reviewer: Rowena Lim Lei 04/08/2003

Viper Paradice is a dice-based board game with three different modes of play:
  • Mode A: Players must strive to complete the set number of laps around the board.
  • Mode B: Players must strive to reach the set number of Viper points.
  • Mode C: Players must strive to complete the movie panel.
Viper Paradice is nothing like the past Viper games released in English (i.e. "Viper M1", "Viper V-16", and "Viper Limited Edition"). This time, you get to play as a Viper character and compete with other Viper characters in an exciting multiplayer board game setting.
Initially you can choose between Carrera, Akira, Mika, or Asuka, but you can unlock additional characters as you go along. After picking out a character, you are asked to select your preferred mode of play. Whichever mode you choose will require you to throw a die or use a card and go around the game board. For Mode A, the game ends when all the players finish the set number of laps around the board. For Mode B, the game ends when one player gathers the required no. of Viper points. For Mode C, the game ends when one player fills up her movie panel -- a 5x5 Bingo-type of chart which fills up whenever you acquire a movie clip. Whichever mode is chosen, the player with the most number of points in the end wins the game. You gather points by acquiring as many movies as you can, forming Bingo lines with your acquired movies, getting to the checkpoints first, using telecards, etc. After a round or two you will discover that some degree of strategizing is needed to win, and it's not entirely a luck-based game. I should also mention that all the movie clips, except for the Viper panic movies, arehentai movie clips. You only get to save the movies you collect in the game to your Movie Album if you win against all three opponents.
The art and animation are very nicely done for most part, but some of the movie clips are rather lacking in visual quality. The depiction of nudity and sex are extremely graphic, except for the unsightly mosaics over the lower genital areas. I thought the movie clips depicting oral sex looked weird since only the face of the girl and a heavily mosaic'd penis would be shown, and it seemed as if the girl was blowing an explosion of static instead of a male organ. A wide variety of sexual activities taken from past Viper games (i.e. heterosexual intercourse, bestiality, oral sex, etc.) are portrayed in the movies. I should also mention that all the original Japanese voices have been retained.
Enjoyable and addictive as it is, Viper Paradice seems to have a few bugs that somewhat impaired my overall playing experience. Occasional cards like Vumper (which supposedly makes a player move only one square at a time) or Unlucky (which supposedly makes a player lose points every turn) don't seem to take any effect at all. Even drawing on a Mimic (which supposedly generates a random event) does not result to any consequence, except in a few instances.
To sum it up, I thoroughly enjoyed Viper Paradice despite the bugs I mentioned. It's fresh, novel, and just plain fun. Hopefully more unique games like this will be released in English.
The game can be installed / played in English, Italian, French, and German.

Viper Paradice
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Review Title:
Viper Paradice
Approximate Length:
20 Hours
Suitable For:
Adults Only
General Rating:
4 out of 5 stars
Hentai Rating:
4 out of 5 stars
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